Invading Russia - when and where

  • I have played AAE40, (original setup) a couple times, and will soon play global. When I am Germany, I tend to invade Russia in my second turn. On G2, i build three transports for a possible sealion. I build a major IC in Romania in G2 and i try to make a push into Stalingrad, so I can take the more valuable Russian territories in the south. I also make an amphibious assualt on Lenningrad in G2 with the transports from G1. I have found this to be the best strategy, as it allows for me to take a lot of territory quickly.

    What do you find to be the best way to defeat Russia? Where and when do you attkack?

  • I don’t play Germany much but what I have noticed is that attacking G4 almost always fails unless the allies mess up, any time later is impossible.

  • you attack Italy 3.  Can opener manuever.  Just make sure that you give the Bulgarian troops to Italy to make this viable.  G4 Germany should have an opening (plus Germany still would have collected it’s peace bonus from the USSR treaty).

  • Attack G3 it gets you a turn you can build infantry and get it to the boarder. If you plan to attack G2 your probably gonna have to get Lenningrad, if you can do that by a turn 2 attack it is great but thats a Russian mistake so I wouldnt count on it.

    The best way to win the fight in Russia as germany is Uber stack your army and move straight toward Moscow. If you can hit moscow with a few more units then he has defending, you should take it almost all the time.

    Another important thing is builds, the turn you attack Russia you need to know if your going to go straight in or if your going to wait a turn after you get next to Moscow (I usually go straight in). If you go straight in then you can build a few infantry (to help with side territories as your plunging into Russia) the turn you attack. But the turn after that you cannot build any infantry unless you need it for western europe, everything needs to be armor and mech (mostly armor as you should have enough fodder already) that moves 2 and can get into the battle for moscow.

  • The reason i attack on G2 is because if i wait another turn, that’s 37 more IPCs worth of fighting i have to do on the front lines. If you can take Leningrad on G2, it makes it a lot easier to get to Moscow when there are less units on the front lines. I find it near impossible to win the game as the axis and attack Russia on turn 4. I understand that the Germans will also have more cash, but if you make successful advances on G2, you can buy mech infs and tanks to support your units quickly, as opposed to slower inf an artillery.

  • I said G3 not G4, I wouldnt wait till G4 either as G3 puts you attacking moscow 1 turn before the first wave of 6 infantry from the far east gets to moscow.

  • @edfactor:

    I said G3 not G4, I wouldnt wait till G4 either as G3 puts you attacking moscow 1 turn before the first wave of 6 infantry from the far east gets to moscow.

    You’re right, G4 is too long, but IMO so is G3. It gives Russia 74 IPCs worth of units to fight you all the way to Moscow.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    It’s not about when you attack but how.

    Focus - Focus - Focus.  I like to attack from the south and secure the factory in Ukraine.  If you build a minor in Romania, by a build of 2 arm, 1 mec, + 3 inf you can effectively crank 6 units a turn into Ukraine.  If you have left over aircraft - which you should, you can build your stack in such a way that the Russians can’t beat it.

    A counter Russian focus on your Ukranian stack, will have them giving up Leningrad.

    The best way to beat the Russians, is to have them attack YOU, in positions where they can’t win.  Whilst you lie in wait for an Italian aircraft can-opener manuever, for a strike at the captial.  Erosion is the name of the game.

  • '10


    It’s not about when you attack but how…… Erosion is the name of the game.

    This is the best part of this whole thread, and i totally agree with that.

    Personally, i have attacked Russia on G2, G3, G4 and even G5 after Russia attack Germany on R4…All of them are viable. It depends, as Garg was pointing out, on HOW you do it.

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