• China didn’t have the industrialized capacity to build planes, tanks, etc during ww2.  Even capturing a industrial center, what are you suggesting?  That China could build an A6m on their own because they captured some aircraft?  They had years of access to soviet planes between 36 and 39, and they couldn’t effectively keep them in the skies even with soviet help, and those planes were outclassed by the japanese air force anyway.

    Suggesting that the chinese could capture a japanese factory and understand how the raw materials went together to create an aircraft in the span represented by the game?  I’m dubious.  Even the Japanese had access to the me262 plans and parts and they could only get to prototype and test planes of anything that tech assisted with.  Developing and mastering new technology takes time, money, and manpower, and I think the reason we didn’t see chinese industrialization isn’t because they didn’t have access to captured materials.

    The technical expertise wasn’t there at the time.  Any sufficiently effective design would take years to prototype and refine and more years to build and train sufficiently to use.

    Even from the industrialized nations, capturing equipment didn’t mean we knew how it worked, but at least they had developed similar technology on their own and could replace or modify with our own tech.

    It comes down to the fact the major and minor factories are abstracted.  As far as I’m concered they represent staging points, training areas, bases, etc, not simply factories.  And even capturing, it’s your own equipment.  If you didn’t have the equipment or design, how on earth could you build it?

  • Customizer

    We play with a house rule that if Japan builds an IC on Chinese territory and that territory is recaptured by the Chinese or liberated by an Ally, then the IC remains there but is simply not used.  Then if Japan reconquers that territory, they can continue to use that IC.

    Commander Jennifer, that is a good idea of maxing the damage cap on the IC.  I think I will alter our house rule to include that.  This way Japan still has to pay to use that IC, but it will be cheaper than having to buy a whole new one.

  • For Russia …… Slash and burn, move the factory back one spot, then there is nothing for the Axis to Capture.
    For China … destroyed!!! anything would have to be rebuild.
    For Germany & Japan …damaged, pay for repairs this would also be the fate of the rest of the Axis and Allied Industrial Complexes
      This is just my thoughts on the subject

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