Axis Strategy against 100% US Pacific Strategy in Alpha.+2

  • 1. Some Ideas:

    • The US spend all their money in the Pacific, but most of them in Warships, specially surface Warships, some Planes also, but unlikely in Transports and Ground Troops, because they must get a powerful Navy, that can attack AND defense. That’s the problem, because which is the best mixture to attack AND defense? Battleship (BB), Cruiser (CR) and Destroyer (DD) have same attack like defense rolls, but Submarines (SS) are an attack weapon (2/1), and Aircraft Carriers (AC) a defense weapon (0/2). But USA must secure medium-term (Round 5-6), latest at Round 8-10 the Sz6. If they have only maximum 3 Transports (TRS) (inkl. the one from the east coast) with 6 Ground Troops, they cannot conquer much territories or islands without supply.

    • The Japanese don’t have a chance to win the war in the Pacific, if the US spends all their money in. So the question is, how can they hold much of their territories long as possible to earn most IPC for defense? Note: they DON’T MUST destroy enemy fleet, they only must secure most of the IPC territories and islands, because they must only HOLD so long as the Axis in Europe defeat England and Russia. How long it is? I think 10 rounds.

    • Convoy Center: there are a lot of convoy disruption possibilities. But Japan can conquer land, which lies in the continent of Asia and cannot take away. This is the key to earn a minimum of money to secure Japan and a minimum of land territories.

    • Scramble ability is good for the Defender, because he can choose to defend the Sz OR the territory.

    • Another thought is, that after a battle in a Sz, which contain only a Japanese island or land territorie, the Japanese planes can land on it. So I can choose the AC’s as one hit casualties, especially if there was a harbour (repair to next turn). The US can’t do this, because the planes can’t land on a damaged AC. This is one more disadvantage for the attacker.

    • Kamikaze: The Japanese have 6 free Kamikaze in Sz6, 17, 19, 20, 22 and 35. This is also a defending weapon. You can calculate round about 2 Hits with it.

    • Strategic Bombing Raid will not work, because Japan have to many Fighters to intercept. They can be placed on Japan and 3 of them can scramble in Sz6, if necessary.

    • Japan is one Axis Nation in the Pacific, but China, India, Anzac and USA are four Allied Nations in the Pacific. This means, that the Allies have an advantage in multinational defense, but a disadvantage in a lonely attack. Only the US Navy will be strong enough to kill the Japanese fleet, but at which time?

    2. The Japanese Strategy:
    The key to hold 10 rounds against the US-Navy and the other 3 minor Allies is the Japanese Air Force. They started with 11 Fighters, 8 Tacs and 2 Strat. Bombers. The US with 6 Fighters, 1 Tac and 1 Strat. Bomber. So the US will buy a minimum of 4 AC. But in the first three rounds, they only can build 3 ships per round at the west coast, in special case a minor industry in Mexico and so far a few ships more or some at the east coast. I think, US build someone like 1 BB, 2 AC first round, 1 BB and 1 AC + something else second round. The Japanese must use their Air Force different: First 2 rounds against Russia and China, then in step by step against attacking US-Navy in a defending Japanese position. Japan starts with 3 AC, and must buy few more in next rounds. 1 AC has a defend of 2, cost 16 IPC, but your total defence with 1 Tac / 1 Fighter is 9. How long can you do this? You can build 6 AC for this strategy (perhaps one more, if you bought one more Fighter or Tac). What does the USA must build against this defence? 1 full AC with Fighter / Tac cost 37 IPC, but have only an attack of 7. 1 BB + 1 CR + 1 DD have an attack of 9, but cost 40 IPC. This seems to be good for a defence. Land the Japanese planes only there, where they can reach Sz6 in the next turn. Remember: You don’t must win the war in the Pacific, only hold long enough till the Germans are strong enough.

    3. The Moves
    3.1 Germany

    The objective is Operation Sealion! After that Moscow!

    G1: Buy 1 AC, 2 TRS
    SS Sz118 and Sz124 -> Sz111
    SS Sz103 and Sz108 -> Sz110
    SS Sz117 -> Sz106
    All ships Sz113 -> Sz112
    Air Force:
    1 Bomber -> Sz111
    1 Tac Polen -> France
    1 Tac Berlin -> Sz 110
    2 Tac Western Germany -> Sz110
    1 Tac Western Germany -> Sz111
    1 Fighter Hungary -> Yugoslawia (then to South Italy)
    1 Fighter Norway -> Sz112 (then to South Italy)
    2 Fighter Western Germany -> Sz110
    1 Fighter Holland -> Sz111
    Conquer with Ground Troops Normandy, France and Yugoslawia. Activate Bulgaria and Finland.
    Income: 41+10 NO+19 from France = 70 IPC

    G2: Buy 10 TRS
    Look what the British DD and TRS from Sz106 and 109 did. Perhaps any attack with SS? Otherwise move all SS in 113, so that England collects the NO (you will get it in G3). Move Inf, Tanks and Art into Western Germany, so if you can attack in G3 with 8 Tanks, 5 Art and 13 Inf. Land minimum 2 planes in Sz112 and 3 more planes in Western Germany.
    Income: 41+10 NO = 51 IPC

    G3: Buy 7 Inf, 3 Art (for Berlin) + 3 Tanks (for West Germany)
    Move all Ships in Sz110 and conquer United Kingdom.
    Income: 47+15 NO + 33 from United Kingdom = 95 IPC

    G4: Buy 5 Inf, 5 Art (for Berlin) + 10 Tanks (for West Germany)
    Move all planes to Berlin. It seems, that Russia can conquer in R4 Poland, Hungary and Romania, but cannot hold. Conquer Scotland with 1 Tank from United Kingdom. Move fleet in Sz114, so you can destroy Russian fleet in G5 sure and can land in Novgorod.
    Income: 47+15 NO = 62 IPC

    G5-G… Buy only Ground Troops: in G5 last time Inf / Art in Berlin, at G6 only Mech / Tank in Berlin (perhaps a few Inf in Berlin at G6 to handle with Novgorod), attack Russia as hard as you can. Go with 1 SS in Sz125, destroy Russian fleet in Eastern See. Land troops in Novgorod and handle with the Russian there. Go Hungary – Eastern Poland – Western Ukraine – Bryansk – Russia with your big block. If you take Hungary, the Soviets must leave Poland and Romania with huge stack, if they don’t want to destroy. After taking Bryansk, Ukraine will fall in your hands, if you can’t conquer Russia directly. Then produce in Ukraine 1 Inf / 1 Art / 1 Tank every turn. In Novgorod something else. If you can’t take Moscow any longer, take Volgograd and Caucasus for getting more NO. You must punch down Russia under 15 IPC Income (so they can build no more than 5 Inf, remember: you build 6 units in Novgorod/Ukraine + something else in Berlin). How long do you need for conquer Moscow for this? I think you can stay in Bryansk at round 9, latest at round 10. Optional: Move 4-6 Fighters / Tacs to Yakut. From there they will reach Sz6 in one turn to land on Japanese AC’s.

    3.2 Italy:
    The objective is the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian States!

    I1: Buy 1 Fighter
    If the british attacks the Italian Navy, I think, they are neutralized (because lost all ships in Mediterranean Sea) with more casualties as the Italians. If this work, the Italian starts with a little Navy. If Royal Navy don’t attack, its much better. You have minimum 1 TRS: Conquer South France, Greece, Kenya, perhaps Tunisia.
    Income: 16+0 NO = 16 IPC (at a minimum)

    I2: Buy 1 AC (Possibillity2: 1 Strat. Bomb, 1 Art; Possibility3: 1 TRS, 1 Tank, 1 Inf)
    Fight all ships out of the Mediterranean Sea and perhaps conquer Egypt if you can. Don’t take Gibraltar. We will bomb the harbour later down, because England can’t repair it after Sealion is lucky. So the US-Navy can’t reach Norway, Denmark, Western Germany, North- and South Italian, Sicily, Sardinia, Tobruk and Lybia from there.
    Income: 16+ perhaps 5 NO (Mediterranean Sea free of Allied surface Warships) = 16-21 IPC

    I3: Buy Fighter and Ground Troops, perhaps 1 TRS
    England can’t organize resistance, because they are dead. India must attack and stay in Asia (minimum till GB4). Focus on Trans Jordan and Syria, then on Iraq. Land all troops you can in Syria. Go with your fleet every turn from Sz99 to Sz97 and back to bring every round units to Syria.
    Income: ca. 20-25 IPC (within 10 NO)

    I4-I…: Buy 1 minor industry in Iraq + something else
    Focus on the Arabian States. You will get there another NO’s. Go to Sudan only if India don’t organize resistance in Arabia. Africa’s IPC are dead. The Allies can’t receive them.

    3.2 Japan
    The objective is eastern Russia and China, but also the Philippines and perhaps Borneo!

    J1: Buy 1 minor industry (for Kiangsu), 1 TRS, 1 Art, 1 Inf
    Declares War at Russia! (It will be economy after three rounds -> J1: +3, J2: +5, J3: +6 IPC; R1: ±0, R2: -3 +12 NO, R3: -5 IPC; at all after three rounds: J+14, R+4; remember that the other rounds it was an advantage for Japans income and a disadvantage for the Russian’s income). The plan is to declare War at India, Anzac, France Indochina and USA in turn 3!
    TRS with 1 Inf from Okinawa about Sz6 (take 1 Art) to Sz5 -> unload Siberia
    TRS Sz6 with 1 Tank about Sz17 (take 1 Inf) to Sz5 -> unload Soviet Far East
    TRS Sz20 -> Sz6 take from Japan 1 Inf / 1 Art to Korea
    Move all units (inkl. AA-Gun) from Manchuria and Korea to Amur
    Conquer Chahar, Anhwe, Hunan and Yunnan from the Chinese
    CR Sz20 -> Sz6
    BB, DD, SS Sz19 -> Sz6
    BB, 2 AC (with 2 Tac / 2 Fighter), CR, 2 DD, SS Sz6 -> Sz33
    Land 2 Bomb (they attacked Yunnan) in Kwangsi with the 1 Fighter / 1 Tac from Kiangsu (attacked Yunnan too), the rest of your Air Force in Manchuria (7 Fighter / 4 Tac).
    Income: 33+10 NO = 43 IPC

    Thoughts: Will the US-player basing his whole fleet in Sz26? Max. 1 BB, 2 Cr, 2 DD, 1 AC with 1 Fighter / 1 Tac, 1 SS and 3 Fighters on Hawaii ready to scramble (total defend battle strength of 36 / 12 Units / 14 Hits). Japanese can attack with Sz6 and Sz33 fleet: 2 BB, 3 AC, 2 Cr, 4 DD, 2 SS, 3 Fighter, 3 Tacs (total battle strength of 47 / 19 Units / 24 Hits). US-Player MUST block minimum Sz25 (and) or Sz30, 31, if he don’t will lose his whole fleet. Will Russia attack Amur? Then Russia’s eastern front is open. They want stay in Buryatia? Then they will be destroyed in J2.

    J2: Buy 1 AC, 1 Tank, 2 Mech, 1 Inf, 1 Fighter (AC in Sz6, Inf / Fighter in Japan, 2 Mech / 1 Tank in Kiangsu)
    If Russia goes back to Yakut, go forward with all to Buryatia, if not, attack them!
    Inf Siberia -> Sakha;
    Inf / Art Korea -> Amur;
    AA-Gun Amur -> Buryatia;
    Tank Soviet Far East -> Amur;
    Inf Soviet Far East -> Siberia;
    Art Siberia -> Amur;
    Conquer Suiyuyan, Hopei, Kweichow (here with huge stack) and Yunnan (back);
    Move your whole fleet (inkl. 2 TRS only with 1 Art) to Sz33;
    2 TRS Sz5 -> Sz6
    Let your Air Force stay in Manchuria and 2 Strat Bomb / 1 Fighter / 1 Tac in Hunan.
    Income: 26 (original)+5 (Russian territories) + 7 (Chinese territories) + 10 NO = 48 IPC

    Thoughts: US-Navy same problem as turn 1. Force US-Navy to block Sz30 and 31. But where stay the Royal and the Anzac Navy? In Reach of the Japanese…?

    J3: Buy: 1 AC, 1 Mech, 1 Inf (in Kiangsu), 1 Fighter, 5 Inf (in Japan)
    1 TRS Sz33 -> Sz35 unload 1 Inf / 1 Art;
    1 TRS Sz6 -> Sz35 unload 2 Inf in Philippines;
    1 TRS Sz6 -> Sz20 unload 2 Inf in Kwangtung;
    1 TRS Sz33 -> Sz43 unload 2 Inf (1 from Caroline Islands / 1 from Palau Island, note: perhaps TRS is lost);
    1 AC Sz6 -> Sz35;
    Whole fleet Sz33 -> Sz35
    1 AC (with 1 Tac / 1 Fighter) Sz33 -> Sz20 (if necessary to protect against enemy plane, if not, better stay in Sz35 too;
    2 Mech / 1 Tank Kiangsu -> Hunan
    2 Inf Siam -> frz. Indochina
    Hold China at the line Suiyuyan – Hopei – Kweichow and take Yunnan with little Army;
    Clear out every surface warship, who can reach Sz20 and Sz21;
    Perhaps 2 SS from Sz33 -> Sz42 (only if they can’t be hit by enemy);
    Conquer Yakut; land 3 Tacs / 3 Fighter in Buryatia; 2 Fighter in Japan; all others in Kiangsi (range to Sz6), but 2 Tac / 2 Fighters in Sz35
    Income: 26 (original) + 6 (Russian territories) + 2 (Philippines) + 2 (frz. Indochina) + perhaps 6 (for China at a minimum) + 3 (Kwangtung) + 4 (Borneo) 0 NO = 49 IPC

    Thoughts: If the US conquer Caroline Island, they can’t land with planes on it. Perhaps they will be supported by British / Anzac ships. But the whole Japanese fleet can attack them in Sz33. And note: Some of the planes from Kiangsi can reach Sz33 and land on AC, because the planes from Sz35 can land in Palau Island or Marianas. If they move to Sz6, please. The Japanese whole fleet with ALL of their planes will destroy them at J4!

    J4: Buy: 1 AC, 2 Fighter, 1 Inf (in Japan), 2 Inf, 1 Art (in Kiangsu)
    TRS Sz43 with 2 Inf -> Sz21 upload Guam (in hope that US can’t get the 5of7 islands NO; but if they want, they will have casualties);
    1 AC Sz35 -> Sz21 with 1 Tac / 1 Fighter;
    The whole fleet in Sz6;
    China: hold in Hunan together with ground troops and planes (China and England can’t attack together, but can defend together);
    Stack Yakut -> Yenisey;
    3 Tac / 3 Fighter Buryatia -> Yakut
    Income: 49 IPC (lost Siam and Yunnan)

    J5: Buy: 2 AC (in Japan), 2 Inf, 1 Art (in Kiangsu), save 7 IPC
    All ships in Sz6 (Its the best position, because you can reach Philippines, Caroline Island and Hawaii. If the allied fleet goes to Philippines, destroy their supply at Hawaii. Ah, perhaps they block with DD?! Yeah, you have a couple of planes who can easy hit them in a swarm. DD hit 1 of 3 times, so you lost 1 Fighter when US lost 3 DD. Good handle! But don’t block yourself. The allied want to stay in Sz6!
    Stack Yenisey -> Timguska (perhaps take Evenkiyskiy too if you can);
    6 planes Yakut -> Sz6;
    Hold China on line Suiyuyan – Hopei – Anhwe (stack) – Kiangsi
    Income: 42 IPC (lost Borneo, frz. Indochina, Kwangsi, Kweichow) + 7 saved = 49 IPC

    Its very difficult to say what here can go. But the plan is: Buy 1 AC each turn in Japan, 3 ground units in Kiangsu (2 Inf / 1 Art) and if you can from the rest of the money 1-2 fighters (good in defense). Perhaps try to hold Philippines with Fighters. But if you can’t, leave the island. If you have less than 30 IPC, buy no more AC, only units in Kiangsu, perhaps a Fighter in Japan. If you have less than 20 IPC, you must look, what’s going on.

    4. Summary:
    In my Opinion, Japan can hold a minimum of some territories, especially the Russians and some Chinese inside Asia. So you will have a minimum of 10-20 IPC. Hold Sz6, until you have a 40% to 60% Chance (including Kamikaze). After this, land your whole planes in Asia and Japan and leave Sz6 till the north side. The Japanese fleet can hold till turn 8 I think, after this it will be destroyed, but Japan is hold. Hope for the German powerful strike, they will reach with you called: Endsieg!

  • No need to do a sea lion, I would just focus on Russia with Germany and attack on G2 and focus on taking Cairo with Italy

    You could be in Moscow on G6 and it could all be over on G7 if Germany is played well and has focused 100% of its buys on the eastern front

  • How many cities must one get in Global?

  • Customizer

    Going by Alpha +2 rules, the Axis can win by holding 8 of 11 VCs on the Europe board OR 6 of 8 VCs on the Pacific board.  Either of those conditions result in an Axis victory.

    In OOB rules, I think the Axis had to hold a total of 14 VCs across the entire board.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    I’ve quite a few games going with Russian hegemony into Germany without American assistance.  Each one is because England was not captured.

    If America goes all Pacific, Germany really has to get lucky and exploit every allied mistake presented.  They’re going to need England and early so they can recover and move against Russia.  They’re going to need to front load infantry, then build massive stacks of tanks.  IMHO, Italy needs a few units up front as well, so they can take a territory and Germany can reinforce it with land units and planes.  Probably the only way you’re going to make inroads into Russia.

    Honestly, without stellar dice and/or a very weak opponent playing the Allies, the axis are going to lose against an American war effort focused entirely in the Pacific.  I’ve yet to see the Axis recover from it.  The only times I see the Axis winning is when America splits and puts units in the Pacific and the Atlantic.

  • Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Not the Russian hegemony. 😛

  • In all the games I’ve played as Japan, they can stay powerful for about 7 rounds and then their going backwards.  If Germany can’t take the victory by round 10 or 11 then the Allies should win.
      I wanted to experiment last weekend with Japans set up as the OOB set up but the guys didn’t want to go for that. I even pointed out that it could be one them that pulled Japan, they didn’t , I did and they were like see trying to give yourself the advantage.
      In the last 6 games I’ve pulled Japan out of the hat 4 times the could use some help thats why I like the idea of the OOB set up for Japan. I dont know if it will do the job or not.
      I like the game the way it is, but if the Axis don’t get early then I think their doomed.
      It’s not like the earlier games where if Japan was left alone it could take over the world
      I need to have the luck of not pulling Japan about 50% of the time and having my war gaming friends get crushed from Japan and then propose the idea of the OOB set up for Japan
       J1   2 subs, 2 trans
       J2 Minor fact, NAVY
       J3 this is tough it all depends on how things transpires   NAVY,  maybe another Minor if not on J3 then J4
      I like to hit China and Russia onJ1 then Pearl Harbor on J2 along with the Phill HongKong and Islands that take away as many N.O.s as possible from the U.S. the W. coast navy on J3 and take Pearl Harbor start pressuring ANZAC, It’s to much speculation at this point, it all depends on how well you do opening round and round 2

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    Thoughts: If the US conquer Caroline Island, they can’t land with planes on it. Perhaps they will be supported by British / Anzac ships. But the whole Japanese fleet can attack them in Sz33. And note: Some of the planes from Kiangsi can reach Sz33 and land on AC, because the planes from Sz35 can land in Palau Island or Marianas. If they move to Sz6, please. The Japanese whole fleet with ALL of their planes will destroy them at J4!

    Just wanted to point out an error in logic in this step.  Primarily, the United States of America does not need to land planes on the Carolines, Australia has 3 fighters and I highly recommend using those planes.  That way you instantly get 3 scrambles if you are ever attacked.

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