Standard Rules: Japan moving into US Sea Zone before war declared

  • Can Japan move an invasion fleet in turn 1-3 (before War is declared) to attack the US forces?  USING STandard RUles- we have not moved onto Alpha 2 yet.

    For example, the US has a destroyer in SZ 8 Aleutian Islands  and  SZ 1 on turn 2.  Japan sends transports and a fleet into SZ 1 (south of Alaska) through SZ 8 and conducts an assualt upon Alaska and Brit Columbia.

    Like, the US Navy just stands by and watches them do that?  IF that is the case, why would any of the US or Canadian troops even put up a defense to the landing?



  • Wish I could answer this one but we never went to OOB, we moved straight to Alpha 2 figuring there was no reason to learn an outdated rule system, it would just confuse us.

  • What’s Alpha 2’s ruling on somethig like this?

  • Japan would have to declare war at the beginning (before any units are moved) of its combat movement phase. So it would not be allowed to go through sz8, it would have to stop and battle that DD.

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