Axis combined attack on USA Turn #2 gameplay report

  • Using Standard Rules

    Stuck here at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait- my colleagues and I have played A&A the past few months.  We started with the basic games and now have the 1940 Global game with both boards put together. We have an unused tent dedicated to our set up/game. Here is a recap of our most recent game this weekend.

    We had 6 players.  I was Italy and our Axis had decided on a big gamble- Take Out AMERICA Starting on Turn 2#!

    Japan ‘played’ angry at the Korea/Northern China area and built 2 more transports giving them a total of 4 in Sea Zone 6 around Japan.  The psychology of this game cannot be underestimated- his verbal discussion gave the Allies a sense of security in North America. Germany and Italy talked of beer in London (we can’t drink here in Kuwait)  But, the Japanese were only one turn away from having their 3 infantry and 3 tanks in British Columbia and 1 Infantry/1 Arty in Alaska.

    Turn #1 Italy liberated Gibraltar while their two fighters took care of the MED western Destroyer and Crusier.  Germany annihilated the British northern fleet and built transports.
    Mistake  #1: The German transports were just in range of the British fighters and the Aircraft carrier/destroyer from in the middle Atlantic.  All transports were sunk.
    The Allies had standard moves/builds Turn 1.

    Turn 2:  Germany builds more transports and heads north towards Iceland.  Japan lands their forces in British Columbia and Alaska (yelling Tora Tora Tora!).  Italy lands two tanks/two infantry in Central America.  Britain still thinks the Germans are coming after them and build tanks/infantry in London.
    Mistake #2: a Sea Lane is left open for the Western US to transport two units to Alaska and they liberate Alaska with great rolls.  All the Western US forces annihilate the British Columbia Japanese forces.  Japan is kicked out of Northern America but its fleet was able to take out the Midway Relief Fleet- they own the Pacific.

    Turn 3: Iceland is now a fortress of German Power ready to strike America on Turn 4.  Britain still thinks it is the target. Italy has 2x fighters, 2xtanks and 2xinfantry in Central America but not strong enough to assault the reinforced Central USA.  And, Italy takes a shot at Eastern US: 3 US Field Artillery versus (US left it too weak) and Infantry/Artillery but no shore bombardment (would have been a Battleship and Cruiser) thanks to a British Cruiser in the way= mistake #3.  The attack fails !

    America stomps out Italy in Mexico with 7 tanks and fighters.
    Japan retakes Aleutian Islands, Alaska and British Columbia.

    Turn 4: Germany is in Northern Canada having build a Naval Base in Iceland, Japan lands ALL of its planes in Alaska (sacrifices China and South Pacific- but Russia still has not attacked Japan).  America builds homeland defense with its 80+ points for the second turn- it is all over.

    Turn 5: With German and Japanese forces in Central USA- all the planes from Alaska plus a tank from British Columbia and the German forces from Quebec: the USA counter attacks and wipes them off the board.  Russia is HUGE and invades Eastern Germany.  Britain starts to rebuild its Navy.  Italy sees the writing on the wall…
    Game terminated with the Allies determined to win.

    IF (the IFS): the three mistakes were not made as noted above and Italy did not roll 0 for 12 (that’s right, I missed 12 times in a row fighting America) and IF the Axis could have blunted the Russian onslaught coming in Turn 5-7, this may have worked.

  • if it’s the normal setup, britian shoul have no problem eliminating the italian navy first round and keep italy locked
    US had 52 IPC to protect itself and i think 4 bombers atleast, isn’t that enough to keep axis out of the key territories (so the usa)?

  • What are the IFS?

  • Hi, two answers to the questions:

    the ‘IFS’ are the 3 mistakes made as outlined in the initial post.  "If we had not made those basic mistakes, the Axis would have had a better chance.

    The British Fleet all around England was destroyed in the Turn #1 by the Germans.  However, the German built new transports and put them in Sea Zone 112 to the west of Denmark.  This put them in the range of the British Aircraft carrier and Destroyer in Sea Zone 91.  So, fearing an attack on England, those two units went to Sea Zone 112 and killed the Nazi Fleet!

    That left the Italians Free in the MED to go westward, take Gibralter on their Turn 1.  Turn 2, the Italians are in S.E. MEXICO !  Turn 3, Italy adds two fighters to SE Mexico.

  • A few things I noticed, how did the Germ trns die?  I assume they were in sz 113.  So UK sacked the trns and then bought a carrier for the ftrs to land?

    Also Italy should never be able to invade Gib I1.  UK only needs to leave 1 blocker ship off Tunisia and Italy is hemmed in.  In fact my opponent does this every game, I never have a free hand with Italy.

  • Hi JimmyHat,

    The Germans built transports and put them in 112, West of Denmark on turn 1.  The British Carrier and Destroyer in 91 moves 3 spaces and whaled on them with fighter support from England.

    The British did not block in Sea Zone 92 on turn 1: they went to the Red Sea on some brain dead crusade!

    The Allies never thought anyone would dare attack the US on Turn 2.  A few lucky breaks and we would have taken the US- but with Russians probably in Berlin, also!

  • WHAT GERMANY INVADES THE U.S.A.!!! yea thats what I’m talking about. keep up the good work

  • I did something similar to this using the alpha 2 set up and rule set:

  • Mike,

    First of all, many thanks to you and your friends for defending our country! But if Germany can invade the US, something is wrong!  😄

    Try this US move as a 1st move, it will allow max flexibility for the US to get to SZ91/Gib on Turn 2 or back to Hawaii on Turn 2, depending on if Germany goes for SeaLion or not. Even if they don’t go for SeaLion you can bring max pressure on Germany/Italy if you want. This is of course using the Alpha +2 rules.

    USA Turn 1


    4 Trans, 1 Inf, 1 Arm, 1 NB

    Non Coms:

    1 Inf, 1 Art from Eus to Trans in SZ101, move to SZ64, drop off in Smx
    1 CC in SZ101 to SZ64
    1 Mech, 1 Arm from Cus to Smx
    2 Inf, 1 Art from Wus to Cus
    2 Inf from Haw to Trans in SZ26, move to SZ64, drop off in Smx
    1CC, 1DD, 1SS from SZ26 to SZ64
    1BB, 1CC, 1DD, 1AC, 1 Trans from SZ10 to SZ64
    1 FTR, 1Tac from SZ10 to Eus
    1 FTR from Wus to Eus
    2 FTR from Haw to SZ64
    1 FTR from Phi to Gua
    1 DD, 1SS from SZ35 to SZ54
    1 SBR from Cus to Wus


    4 Trans in SZ101
    1 Inf, 1 Arm in Cus
    1 NB in Pan

    My friend Hobo Smasher came up w/this.

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