Politics Held Hostage

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    It appears that the Democrats, who held the majority power in the US Senate and House of Representatives, as well as most state senates and houses of representatives for the last 70 years, are afraid. They are afraid to follow the law as it has been for the last 200 years. After every US Census, the party in power in the House(US or state)redraws the district lines in each US/state district, adding or subtracting the # of districts as related to the then current census.

    A group of Texas Democrats, who lost majority power in the last election, have fled the state and are refusing to allow redistricting to be completed, as they have been able to do every ten years since the American Civil War!

    They say it’s politics! Of course it is, IDIOTS!

  • I just wanted to add that the term for redrawing the voting districts is “gerry mandering.” That is all.

  • They hid at a Holiday inn and went to Denny’s for lunch! An honorable thing to do!

    Seriously, there needs to be a systematic way to redraw districs, objectively. If that cannot be done, an independent council should be created for the purpose of redrawing districts. Any party giving themselves more votes like this should be put to shame.

  • Candyman67,
    Thanks! I thought of that and then let it slip from my mind. Guess I was a little tired and distracted(not to mention lazy, ZZZZZZZZ.)

    It’s been done this way since it started.

    Do you really think that with, let’s say, a 1 to 10 vote majority in the US House of Reps. any party in power wants to throw away their majority? Give it time and it will happen… say in California as businesses and citizens tire of paying increased taxes to pay off a 36 BILLION $ debt.

    What are we to do? Create a 5 member panel in each state to gerrymander their states and another one for the US redistricting?
    Let’s see…each committee must consist of 1 registered Democrat, 1 registered Republican, 1 unaffiliated conservative, 1 unaffiliated liberal and 1 unaffiliated moderate.
    But who determines what an unaffiliated moderate is? Who represents the first time voters? What about states where there are 1 registered Democrat, 1 registered Republican, and 3 unaffiliated liberals? What about the Libertarian or Green Party representation?
    Think of the permutations with only 5 members on a panel! AAARG! You do the math.

    I henceforth declare myself an independent! Heh! Heh! Heh!

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