• Can the Japanese occupy the DEI without starting a war with the UK/US? I remember reading that it would cause war, or something similar, in the orginal rules, but I dont know if thats been dropped in the reecent updates. Could someone please clarify?

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    Japan must declare war on UK/ANZAC before invading Dutch territories.

  • The only problem here is that the USA-player will never stay passive when Japan invades DEI. There hardly ever is an imminent threat to him and by entering the war he can take up a more active role in the game. In real life the American Public Opinion was more isolastionistic and therefore the politicians weren’t eager to go to war (unless the nation itself was attacked as happened at Pearl Harbor). So maybe here is a nice optional rule: When Japan attacks the ANZAC/UK at J1, the Americans role a single die and when it hits 2 or less they enter the war. When Japan declares war on J2, the Americans again role a die and when it hits 4 or less the Americans go to war. After J3 America automatically opens the Pacific theatre. Maybe, or maybe not.

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