Brand new 2 player group seeks condensed order of play reference

  • Although I was aware upon purchasing Axis & Allies 1942 (2009) that I was not undertaking an insignificant challenge (particularly so with only two players), I find as a beginner, 13 pages of instructions for a turn daunting.

    I’ve looked through the 1942 forum, as well as the player help forum, looked at gameboardgeek, performed several google searches, and tried to find a youtube video to walk me through one turn. I have not been successful.

    I would like to find a reference more detailed than the 6 point turn sequence, yet much less detailed than the 13 pages from the manual, so that I may refer to the “cheat sheet” for broad strokes and the manual for finer points.

    Any help offered is appreciated.

  • You can try this:  Not sure if this is what you are looking for. It gives the steps but not an explanation. The only thing wrong with this but is easily fixed is the US starting income. You could also try this: but I think it will be the same for you. I have some in my group that forget a couple of the steps and the charts in the first link above has been helpful in remembering the steps to play.  Enjoy AA42. This is the only game, besides Revised, that I have in the AA lineup and really enjoy it.

    I just reread your post and saw that you have already checked out BGG but not sure if you saw the two items that I linked.

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