• Hey, I wanted to ask any Michigan players if they wanted to play some Global at MichCon at Oakland University (Oakland Center).  Hours are something like Friday 1-11pm and Sat. 8am- 11pm on June 10th and June 11th.  We can playtest some Alpha+2.  Anyone interested???

  • Sounds great!!! Me and my friends will try to be there. ( its about 80 miles one-way)

  • hope this gets moved to the apropiate section

  • I be there on Friday June 10th at the Oakland Center from 1pm on if anyone wants to play.  PM me if you’re coming.  Also I’ll probably play in Wehr’s second session from 7-11pm-actually on Sat June 11th, I’ll try to come at the 4pm session on Saturday also- but I’ll be there Friday for sure.  I’ll bring my own game.  🙂

  • The Michigan Gaming website+ as prizes they are raffling off 2 4-day passes to GenCon!  Map is there if you scroll down.

    They also have a WinterCon at Oakland University- I’ll be there also.
    Also U-M Con, SpartyCon- all good local events + all the out of town events listed!


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