Players in southern Cal?

  • Are there any players in southern California interested in getting together for a A&A Global 1940 game?

    Also, me and another friend will be at the upcoming Gamex gaming convention in Los Angeles Memorial Day weekend. If you’re going or interested in going, let me know? Would like to get together w/any players going for a A&A Global 1940 game.

  • I’m interested, though can’t make it on memorial day.

  • Where do you live in So Cal?

  • In Los Angeles, near Paramount

  • Can you make it at all this weekend? I’ll be up in LA Saturday and Sunday. If not, then I live in Murrieta. We can always get together some other time for a live game.

  • Minor Threat,

    You going to the upcoming Gaming Convention/A&A Tournament in Los Angeles, CA. in September 2011?

  • I’m a little rusty with A&A right now… so i’m not sure.
    where in L.A. is it?

  • I live in Moreno Valley, when do you play?

  • I live in Orange County, where do you guys play?

  • The gaming conventions are in L.A. at the Sheraton hotel off Century Blvd. near LAX. They are every Presidents Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. As far as playing in person, I’m in So Cal and willing to travel. I’ve had a lot of experience playing A&A Global in person and online. And have another friend who’s interested in playing in person as well. If you all are interested, let me know?

  • I live in Orange County and would be interested in a 2-player live game using TripleA and any of the maps/mods.


  • Mike,

    Where do you live in OC? We can also meet at Game Master in OC for a live game or check out the events section on the forum. I’m putting together a weekend A&A event in a cabin in the mountains free of charge the weekend of 10/26. There will be between 4 to 6 people coming. I also play live games down at Game Towne in San Diego. I also play live games at my buddies house in San Clemente. There is also a gaming convention up in LA Labor Day weekend.

    What A&A games do you play?

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