How do 2 player combat each from thier home computers.

  • Hello,

    Hopefully you can help with this question. A friend and myself have been recently playing A&A and we both really enjoy the challenges of the game. We both have copies of the CD-ROM game. We currently always play at his house. We would like to be able to play against eac other, with each player at his own home.

    How do we do this???

    Both computers have modems, he has access the MSN - I use Omega communications for my internet provider.

    Can one player dial the other playes phone number (modem) so that both can play? How is this done?

    Do we have to both connect to some internet site that would host the game for us?

    I heard somewhere that it also possible to ‘chat’ while playing - such as between turns or rounds. Is this possible??

    Thanks for you help

  • '19 Moderator

    I belive it is possible to connect from computer to computer.

    However it is much easier for you both to register at the MSN gaming zone. The “Zone” hosts Axis and allies games and you can both log on and play each other in a private game or play to gether against others in a group game.

    I believe the address is

  • '19 Moderator

  • Well, I tried the MSN Game Zone last night. After sigining up, downloading software, installing software, downloading an A&A patch, installing the patch, setting up a game host, and then having my friend join the game - we attempted the LAUNCH the game. The Launch was unsuccessful. I recieved an error message in a window that looks very A&A like that stated “DirectPlay error”.

    Does anyone know what this problem may mean? - I think it might be related to Direct X - maybe one of us does not have the correct version. Could the OS be a problem? We are both using Windows XP Home edition.

    Any help would be appreciated?

    Arthur :evil:

  • '19 Moderator

    You might find someone a bit better informed at one of the A&A clubs.

    Find the message boards and ask there. 😄

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