• i am russia on a current game, and germany has taken all the purple countries. they have also taken leningrad, and alot of my troops are dead. the uk is to preoccupied wioth the german navy, and the u.s. has nothing that is currently useful. what can i do to reverse the germans, or is russia ready to collapse?


  • '19 Moderator

    You could surrender :lol:

  • hmm that’s tough, just don’t let germany kill russians
    and counter attack if he leaves stuff open
    but not always, just use basic deadzone logic i guess

    i seriously don’t know how to win with allies
    From now on i will bid 30+

  • Keep your remaining troops fairly concentrated so you can absorb any attacks that the Germans might throw at you. Only attack if a very tempting opportunity presents itself and if you do capture the territory you won’t be left in an uncomprimising position. Never assume that you’re not going to take a territory when you attack it, it has been my undoing many times. That’s about all the advise I can give, if it helps.

  • what do you think about russian artillary?
    i think of them as fodder personally, i would sack them for germans

    russian tanks are better, can attack stuff and get back to moscow in time
    what do you think?

  • What i would do depends on how many infantry and artillery russia has.

    If Russia has 20-25 inf, i get art and use my mass atacks tooverwhelm the german advances

    if russia has lots of art but no inf than get inf.

    if you are going to lose one of your industrial complexes (particularily Leningrad), retreat your aa gun so that britain, Usa, maybe even russia can bomb them easily
    try to hold on to archangle so your convoy will provide income

  • Here’s what you do. First you need to make something resembling a threat. Move high concentrations of troops into Turkestan, and leave a small force in Mocow. Slow the Germans by Placing 2 or 3 troops in every territory between them and Moscow. When they attack into say Bellorussia, counter attack with everything capable in the area, except for anything from Turkestan or Moscow. When they finnally arrive, you should have a sizeable force in Turkestan and Moscow. When he gets ready to attack, assuming you still have you bomber, threaten him/her. The turn before, spend every cent and keep you bomber alive. Tell him that any money he will make by advancing into Moscow, he will most surely loose because of a Strat boming on Germany. And that even if he/she did manage to take Moscow, you will send every unit into Moscow to retake it. The turn before this happens however, move the AA gun out of Moscow. It’s falling is Pre ordaned, so this will seem like a standard manuvere. Here’s the trick. Have Britain land it’s bomber/bombers in Turkestan(there is a path from UK to Turkestan, trust me) and patriot act them into the RED-ARMY. On your turn for invading Moscow, Strat bomb with 2-3 bombers and and destroy their winnings. Moscow will completely open for Strat-Bombings, no AA-gun, and no legely landed fighters will be present. This will leave SOV alive for 2-4 turns more. Chances are Germany won’t have been heavily re-enforcing it’s land capabiliteis, and would have probably focused more on naval and African matters, believing that SOV was doomed. With the loss in finances you created, and the disruption in supply lines, this should give the allies some breathing room. For now on, place as much inf as you can in moscow and Archangel. Take back weakly defended german-occupied territories, and use scare tactics every time you attack somewhere. Keep reminding German player that They lost the war when they lost Moscow, and this should demoralize the greman player to a hefty extent. Insults, bribery, and meatgrinders often insure victory.

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