Just What Was Bunnies Thinking? Russian Roulette (Triple) Game Ccmmentary

  • @MrMalachiCrunch:

    Well, I un-installed both versions of the software, deleted the folders, reinstalled and it works fine.  I then followed the listed instructions, downloaded maps, used:

    OK, I think I figured it out. You need to remove and install TripleA game engine - the World War II v4 scenario available for download has already been updated to version 2.7, which is not compatible with game engine version

  • '12

    Thanks for clearing that up Hobbes, greatly appreciated.  But a pity, so all the sample .tsvg files here can never be viewed by me as I can’t get map files to work with them and those files cannot be read by  I guess there isn’t much call for conversion software to upgrade the .tsvg files to newer engines.

    So I guess I must wait for new games to be played on tripleA then view them?  I haven’t tried doing this yes but I understand this is possible?

  • I’ll save my next game, as soon as the server is back online. 🙂

    I can host a game if anyone is interested

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