SZ109 - How many scrambled aircraft can it support?

  • How many scrambled aircraft can SZ109 support? 3 or 6? The copy of the Alpha +2 rules I got state : In situations where more than one sea zone is served by an airbase, United Kingdom into sea zones 109 and 110 for example, the territory may still only scramble up to 3 fighters and/or tactical bombers but they may be split between the sea zones in any combination. Is SZ100 a typo? I’m assuming SZ109 is the only sea zone around the UK that can support 6 scrambled aircraft?

  • Yep you are correct. SZ109 can support up to 6 scrambles planes.

  • 9 if you take Eire and build an airbase their

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    The rule that you quoted deals with airbases that border more than one sea zone, not sea zones that border more than one airbase.  The point of it is that an airbase in a territory that borders more than one sea zone may still only scramble three planes, not three planes into each sea zone that it borders.

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