Best Video WWII Game?

  • That would be sweet to see the Pac, Alli, Panz. Generals re-released

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    That would be sweet to see the Pac, Alli, Panz. Generals re-released

    Try “Panzer Corps” at Matrix Games - inspired by the PG series, with some improvements.

  • The arcade game 1942!  8-)

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    I also had Steel Panthers about 15 years ago but can’t play it on newer, faster computers.
    The offboard bombardment was awesome.  Frustrating how squads would get “pinned” so often and not be able to do anything, though.

    Cool scenarios including Japanese invasion of San Fran

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    Panzer General 3D.

    And the Medal of Honor 1 + 2 games right as they came out.

    Nothing else was quite like the Saving Private Ryan MOH experience  Or the Call of Duty King Tiger Tank capture level lol  Epic!

    And lets not forget… WOLFENSTIEN!

  • Secret Weapons Over Normandy: Flight simulator

    My personal favorite

  • @Uncrustable:

    Secret Weapons Over Normandy: Flight simulator

    My personal favorite

    That one was a good one, I think I still have it packed up somewhere.  It got ridiculous when you could use the ME-262 and experimental planes.  And then you find the codes for the X-Wing & Tie Fighter….well let’s just say there was no way in Hoth Hitler was going to win in that game.

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    I would like to high light someones post awhile go.

    Heart of iron 3 with all its expansions is one of the most indepth strategy games one can find. Not only that but there are several mods to add to gameplay. Pick a nation anywhere at any date from 1936 to 1944 and fight through the entire war and change history!

    Also a cold war game called east vs west takes place from 1946 to 1991. Looks very interesting and i will be buying.

  • It is an older game, but I really liked that first Medal of Honor game. When I first started the game and was on one of the landing boats heading for Omaha beach, I felt as real as is possible in a video game. Maybe it is just nostalgia for a game I played a long time ago, but I remember it as being awesome.

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    I have that one (got it years after it came out) and it is really great.

    Frontline, right?  (I was a latecomer to the MOH games)
    I love MOH European assault…

  • Battlefield 1942 was a ton of fun. Played the hell out of that game.

  • Matrix Games just released a mega-version of World in Flames!

    Looks incredible…95% carryover from the hex and counter versions.

    Even has special hard bound manuals…

    Anyone play the hex and counter version?

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    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned Men of War: Assault Squad! If you like the tactical engagement aspect of the war, then this is the game for you.

  • The Invasion 44 mod for ArmA II Operation Arrowhead is excellent

  • I agree Men of War Assault Squad is amazing.

    Assault Squad 2 is coming out march 20th

  • Medal of Honor: Frontline was my jam back in the day.

  • @Pink:

    The Invasion 44 mod for ArmA II Operation Arrowhead is excellent

    I wish I had the specs to run this and vanilla ArmA 2.  But I live vicariously through the youtube videos of the ShackTac community:  CHKilroy, Beaglerush, and Dslyecxi in particular.

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    Does anyone remember Hidden & Dangerous? It was a tactical squad-based FPS that was based on SAS missions in WWII.

    It was so difficult, it was basically the “Dark Souls” of WWII shooters. One wrong move would trigger the alarm for an entire base and you would die in a hail of bulletfire. None of this “one man army” Call of Duty stuff, you had to think about every move, every kill to complete the mission.

    I have fond memories of sitting around a CRT monitor with a couple of my friends, blanket draped over our heads so we could see better in the night missions, knuckles white with tension. Come to think of it, our moms were probably wondering what the hell we were looking at…  :lol:

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