Scrambling from territory under attack

  • Hi folks,

    According to Alpha2 rules you can scramble from every air base, may it be an island or not. May question is, if there is an attack (not amphibious, at least some units attack from land) on a territory with an airbase AND there is a seabattle in an adjacent sz, can fighters scramble to defend in sz and then defend in the territory attacked?

  • nope. i guess you got to choose where to defend…

  • A unit can only do one battle in a turn.

  • speakign of scrambling, once you scramble, you cant retreat those planes till the attacker calls off the attack, they r stuck defending yes?

  • Official Q&A

    The defender may never retreat.

  • following situation:
    Gibraltar is axis controlled with axis fighters there, Marocco and/or Algeria are Axis controlled, Sz 92 with axis transport.
    Allies attack 92 with sub and Gibraltar with amphibious. Can I scramble in 92 in order to get my planes land in marocco or algeria after Gibraltar has fallen?
    Alpha 2/3 rules say: “A quick reaction team of no more than 3 defending fighters and/or tactical bombers (strategic bombers can’t scramble) located on islands and coastal territories that have operative air bases can be scrambled to defend against attacks in the adjacent sea zones.[…]”
    Of course I can’t hit the subs and the transport will be destroyed, but according to the rules it should be possible to scramble, even if it’s not in the “spirit of the game”, right?

  • when you scramble you have to land in the teritory you scrambled from.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    In the case where an Airbase is covering 2 seazones.  Like London,

    Can you only ever scramble 3 planes, to one Sz, or the other?  Or can you scramble up to 3 to both?  or can you scramble 1 to each?

  • @i:

    when you scramble you have to land in the teritory you scrambled from.

    AFAIK you can move one space to a friendly territory or AC if your AB was captured.

  • Customizer

    Each airbase can only scramble 3 fighters.  If you have more than one sea zone serviced by that airbase, you have to choose from the 3 planes which ones go to which sea zone.  Yes, you can split them up if you want to (2 to SZ 109, 1 to SZ 110, etc.).

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