Sealion Alpha#2 how/when and is it worth it?

  • *originally posted in europe 1940, but it seems to be more active players in here…

    I have recently played a dozen AA1940E games, mainly as axis, vs even or near even skilled opponents,
    and at the beggining of every game, i always felt tempted to do a sealion, (start buy usually 1 carrier, 2 trans or 2 trans, 2subs +1 art) maybe mixing with a destroyer for a new approach.

    UK first buy usually 3 inf +2 ftr…

    and usually i dont see how i can make an acceptable sealion G2 or G3… so i usually go for russia instead, however i always try to kill uk navy and convoy disrupt him…

    The way i see it, even going 100% buy for sealion G2, its barely even odds, let alone in my favour…

    anyone got a good idea or hint to make an effective sealion for alpha 2?

    much appreciated

  • You can only get lucky for a G2 Sealion with a dumb UK player.  G3 is the ticket winner getting you London.

    You have to set it up so you don’t lose any planes G1-2, you lose planes, Sealion is that much harder for you.  You build enough fodder for your invasion, and you kill UK navy in a 2-turn process.  Make sure Italy disrupts the UK Med. fleet from going North.

    The only way it’s even a 50/50 is if UK defends hard and pulls every single thing they have back to London, and build nothing but Infantry.  I think you need to re-look at the situation UK is really in!

  • You might be right…

    never really tried sealion, for various reasons… but g3 does make more sense…

    however, uk2 they have some 6+ planes and should they feel threatened, they can go all inf uk2 making it some 13 inf…
    I guess i need to do some number crunching.

  • UK cannot build more than 10 units young padawan.

  • true, but G4 gives you no time to prepare for russia.

  • @JimmyHat:

    UK cannot build more than 10 units young padawan.

    Ah apologies for not typing it clearer, I did not mean a UK2 production of 13 inf, I meant a possible force at end of UK1 of minimum 13inf, depending of production choice in UK1(fx 5 inf 1art 1ftr). Thus “freeing” UK2 purchase to either harrass Germany or buff London…

    I had edited the original post a few times before making it final, and failed to read it properly through, it is more of a mix of 2 different UK purchases and thus strategies…

  • Ghr2 is right mantle, you need a turn before russia attacks!  Use the london money to prep for russia or the american fleet… whichever is more threatening!  Like I said earilier, have Italy set it up so it’s appealing to attack them (aka keep the UK fleet in the Med).

    Hopefully you understand a little bit better Zcion.  The Sealion is different in all the games of Global.  One time I was Germany, and was prepping for a Sealion and I failed my France attack!  Italy had to pick it up!  I was so mad, but went for the Sealion anyway, my UK player thought that since I didn’t have enough cash for a Sealion… he thought I was going for Russia.  Boy was he surprised lol.

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