G1-Sz 110: Which German planes do you attack with?

  • Enquiring minds what to know: Which and how many German planes do you attack Sz 110 with on G1?

  • I dont attack 110

  • The reason oztea doesn’t attack 110 on G1 is because of the high risk to planes.

    If you’re feeling lucky, and you can take out both Battleships on G1, use 3 Fighters and 3 Tacticals with your 2 Subs.  You’ll be up against the Battleship, Cruiser, and 3 Fighters.  Pray he/she misses all but 2.  You have to have 6 hits, the battle cannot go on to the 2nd round.  If he/she hits with everything, you’re down 3 planes…

    I like to attack 111 with 2 subs, 1 fighter and 1 bomber.  You could forget 111 and just focus on the 110 ships + planes adding another fighter and bomber to it.

    The game is about risk = reward.  You can’t win the lottery without paying for the ticket!  :evil:

  • @oztea:

    I dont attack 110

    So if you don’t attack Sz 110 what does the UK usually buy?

  • Inf.  Do they are prepared for sealion

  • I dont take out either battleship, i kill the destroyers in 106 and 109 and build 2 subs on G1
    I also ensure i take 0 plane losses on G1 and leave “most” in west germany, 1 TAC and 1 FGT in South Italy
    I take all 3 French territories

    I let the UK consolodate its fleet, in range of my 2-4 subs, battleship, cruiser, bomber, 4 FGT, 4 TAC
    What can it do? Build more stuff to so that if i want to trade, i still come out on top but they are slightly better off?
    It cant run ALL of its fleet away, because what starts in 111 cant get very far
    If it builds nothing, then i can afford to build nothing next turn as long as i hold position

    It locks the UK navy in place. Because if they beef it up, i will trade, if they dont, i have it hands down, if they spend money to fight italy….good for me. and good for italy. Its job is to distract the UK

    The whole plan is to make them drop 28 IPCs on boats/planes i will kill G2

  • asanine or not, no reason for you to troll like that.

  • @clintbeastwood:

    Dear oztea,  you are an a**hole and you smell like rotten potatoes.  Most of your ideas are stupid and do nothing but show how stupid you are.  You cant kill the British destroyers with submarines because they’re immune to sub fire.  Also, leaving UKs 2 battleship means they get they’re bonus for having 2 battleships.  Everyone knows that having more battleships means you win.  They’re 4/4s for Christ’s sake. I’d you are going to keep posting asanine comments then stop it.  In closing, I hate you.  Thank you for your time.

    ?? WTF ??

  • Personelly I attack sz110 with 2 ss, 2 ftr, 2 tac and 1 bmb, gives 22 offensive, if UK scrambles they got 19 defensive, and hopefully they loose precious aircraft for defence of UK, if possible i send more ftr/tac…
    however the reason to do sz110 and not sz111, is the 1st time i didnt do it, UK consolidated a massive fleet in sz 92, to massive for Italy to deal with…

    along with sz110 i also hit sz112, and sz 106, this way he can only send minimal to the med, and i can hit the remaining ships in sz109 on G2.

  • Relax people. I also usually attack everything but the ships next to the UK which are protected by scrambling. Also, I buy all ships first turn outside W-Germany (also protected by scrambling planes). UK should be worried for Sealion and will buy land units and probably not attack the Italian fleet to retreat. If so, pull back in turn 2 into the Baltic and focus on Russia.

  • Clintbeastwood was trolling me from his internet capable phone while we were playing.
    It was a bit of an inside joke i guess

  • @oztea:

    Clintbeastwood was trolling me from his internet capable phone while we were playing.
    It was a bit of an inside joke i guess

    I guess – good glad to hear it !

  • How many subs do you recommend attacking SZ106 with? 2 subs or 3 subs? If the answer is 3 subs that leaves only 2 subs to attack SZ109 with, along with one FTR and one S. Bomber. I don’t see any other aircraft that can reach SZ109 on the first turn. Attacking SZ109 w/only 2 subs seems a little light, as the UK can scramble 3 FTR’s to help rescue SZ109. So I’m guessing the best strategy is to attack SZ109 w/3 subs to help absorb casualties, in case the UK player scrambles? And only attack SZ106 w/2 subs? If only Germany had one more sub…

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