1951 - endgame: any suggestions?

  • After an excruciating 18 hours op epic battle, we decided to break up somewhere around 1951. The strain was great and we all had to be early at work next day. Seen all players were still convinced to be able to achieve victory, we decided to document the board and continue in six weeks or so.

    Attached you’ll find the setup as we left. France is liberated, USSR is defeated, Japan is marginal, China is in the squeeze between Germany and Japan, UK is weak and doing all it can, ANZAC is ruling the Southeast Pacific, but the Hun is massive and Germany is holding out on all fronts.

    I am playing Allies. Do you have any suggestions/observations? All remarks are welcome!!

    Kopie van world strategy grid bw 1951.xls

  • concede

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    The Fall of Paris seals the deal.

    Hmm well hang on.

    Axis has


    If he gets Cairo / Paris it’s over.

    Japan is dead.

    I can’t read that disgusting excel spread sheet.  Put it on a battlemap or take a picture or something.

    I’d play it out - either side.

  • I see that the Allies have a combined income of 209 IPCs and the Axis 161

  • Yeah, don’t give up, and go after Japan and the pacific VC’s

    crazy map though

  • Sounds like an awsome game

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: we play alpha2# with one houserule: vc-rules don’t apply. We play until surrender…

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    well in that case keep going.

    The money is in the Allies favour.  Just keep pounding the Axis until he gives…

  • and control the seas at all times

    edit: and dont forget convoy disruptions to suck away their cash of course 🙂

  • All of Italy’s income is susceptible to convoy disruption.

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far! I’ve made a map which is more easy on the eyes. It will be posted in one of the subsequent posts.

    I hope you’re still in for some comments to our game and I hope I make it easier for you to analyse the map this way!

    Looking forward to your insights! 🙂


  • 2017 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    From Soldaatvanoranje, who at this time cannot post links till he has more posts. I am posting this for him until he can do it himself.

    Here is the file:


  • France is apparently falling next turn without a doubt and I don’t think you will be able to get it back in the near future.

    I think the Germans are untouchables. Now if the Italians can just push a little and get something out of Africa, it’s sealed.

    I think the Axis got this honestly. I don’t see how you can take Berlin.

  • How are they gonna take back France?

  • Sounds like a great game SvO!

    I have 2 questions: who’s turn is it when you continue and do you play with NOs? If Germany starts like in the normal playing order, the money from France may be lost if Germany indeed attacks and wins. Alternatively, if UK or France is first, you can fortify Paris which would make it very difficult for Germany to take. This is important in determining your chances and strategy. Second, if you play with NOs, is the income difference including or excluding NOs? This largely determines determines your strength as well as Germany’s.

    When are you going to play it out?

  • @Zallomallo:

    How are they gonna take back France?

    I am supposing it’s Germany’s turn.

    Germany got 2 Inf, 2 art, 12 tanks, 4 fighters, 4 tactical bombers and 2 bombers in range of Paris!

    In Paris the Allies have 9 inf, 5 art and 3 fighters with no AA Gun.

    There is no way the Axis can lose that, and once it is done, except the 10 inf in Normandy, no reinforcements are on the way back.

  • The main choice you have to make (at least with the US) is if you go for Europe or if you go for the Pacific. If you go for Europe, Japan may get back on its feet. If you go for the Pacific, Germany may get too strong. Go for both and you may risk playing for another 18 hours.

  • @Admiral:

    The main choice you have to make (at least with the US) is if you go for Europe or if you go for the Pacific. If you go for Europe, Japan may get back on its feet. If you go for the Pacific, Germany may get too strong. Go for both and you may risk playing for another 18 hours.

    I could be wrong, but i feel taking out Japan would be the way to go. If USA can conquer Japan, the Axis (basically Germany) can be contained on the eurasian mainland.
    Could become some kind of stalemate then, though

  • We’ve played the year round before breaking up, so yes it is Germany’s turn. Also we play NO and (as said before) play one house rule: VC’s don’t apply, only surrender counts.

    My thoughts on Paris are the same, so I am wondering what to do with my 10 UK inf in Normandy. Perhaps move towards Italy?

    Also if we were to focus on taking Japan out (which would not result in an axis surrender imho), how would ANZAC and UK pacific be used in the most efficient way?


  • Your 10 inf in Normandy are pretty much toast before they reach anything, so it doesn’t really matter. If you go for Japan/ Pacific, Germany probably has 2 options. Option 1: go for UK (with well more than 100 income, UK will fall within 5 turns (given UK has zero fleet and Germany already has sufficient planes), while Italy pressures Egypt/ Africa. Option 2: build a major IC in Volgograd and crush China and UK Pacific. Japan only has to defend their homeland. Germany itself is probably too big to take, since there is no follow up coming. Miracle if you win, don’t see it happening.

  • what is your plan with the complex in iraq? also, you need a fleet with the uk so best to buy some ships

    8 trannies from uk are empty on their way to the us right?

  • Well, an option for the minor ic’s in egypt and persia would be to continue to put pressure on germany in russia.

    The 8 transports are usa btw.

    I like the idea of rebuilding the uk fleet, though i tried it a few times, just to get it sunk by the luftwaffe… So i am not so sure if those expensive units will pay themselve out…

  • @Admiral:

    When are you going to play it out?

    July 2, and can’t wait! 😄

  • I thought the complex in Iraq was where we were hiding the WMDs

  • @Admiral:

    When are you going to play it out?

    July 2nd and can’t wait!  😄

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