• FAIL! I forgot to put my meddle east box on the board. I made rules for it but it’s not on the map. Fail.

  • Just wondering did you guys read my post on new rules? Fmg the set ups on the last page .

  • Just looked at em. Good rules. I like poison gas. I suggest adding somethings on subs for germany.

  • Yah I would but don’t know what it would do and the other nations needs some more NAs because everybody but Austria Germany and Russia have 2 but Germany has 5 basically I’ll work on subs tomorrow right now me and my dad are playing AA Europe 1940 so update will be tomorrow.

  • Oay two ideas. First look up Armenian Volunteers and look up Arabian Revolt.

  • Germany has 6 NAs no more for them I’ll post them tomorrow. Hint though ones about subs and ones for planes.

    Minor update all ships starting by a naval port owned by that power are considered in port at games start.

  • Update for NAs + winter rules

    Russain NAs gained
    #4 Armenian Volunteers: starting turn 1 the Russians gain 1 infantry in the Caucuses Mountains till the ottoman declaration of war.

    German NAs gained
    #5German Sub Program: German submarines are 2 ipcs cheaper.
    #6Fokker Triplane: German fighters attack at -1 in the first cycle of combat but +1 for all consecutive rounds

    British NAs gained
    #3The Arabian Revolt:  on turn 4 the Arabian revolt happens in Saudi Arabia. then saudi arabia joins great britain with 5 calvary there.

    Winter rules
    every 4 turns in game its winter on the winter turn all mechanized units (planes, tanks) get - 1 movement.

  • Okay I suggest just making the Arab revolt to where Saudi Arabia joins Britain and you play 5 cavlry there.

  • yah thats a better idea

  • Sponsor '17 TripleA '11 '10

    Interesting project. I had worked on a similar one myself using IL’s rules as a base and simplifying them for a more “A&A” feel. My game board ended up being so huge to fit all the pieces that I currently don’t have a table to support it. Play testing is temporarily suspended…

    What is your suggestion for the non-A&A pieces like bi-planes, cavalry, etc? Just curious what others are using. I bought a bunch of Central Powers pieces from Jack (Table Tactics) a while back, but had to invent some stuff to go with it.

  • Honestly I don’t care what the pieces look like. Just so long as I get to play the game. I use Infantry as infantry, mechs as armored cars, arts as arts, risk horses as cavalry, fighters as fighters, tac bombers as bombers, strat bombers as airships, turned over transports for zepplins, turned over ACs for railguns.

  • I rock you have to rename your russian cities. Leningrad and Stalingrad weren’t named that till after the revolution, speaking of which you should probably have communist Russia rules.

  • probaly should but will take quit some time, I have so much homework right now dont have tiome to mess around with my board. Finman look on page 1 thats where my russian revolution rule is, if thats what you ment by a communist russian rule.

  • Yeah he can’t show the actual war cause it mainly occured in 1919.

  • Okay guys this is the entrenchment rule:
    Entrenchment costs 1 ipc per infantry and it gives them +1 defense for the first round of combat

  • new NAs
    #5Siberian reinforcements: every turn place 1 free infantry in Siberian Urals
    #4Australian support: place 1 infantry per turn in the Middle East deployment zone (MEDZ)
    #5German Food blockade: every turn that the British have war ships in the Holland sea north sea and Norwegian sea the Germans lose 1 ipc to a max of 20 every turn at least one of those is unoccupied by British ships the Germans gain 1 ipc back to a max of 20
    #3Russian blockade: every turn the bosphous is cloed to the allies the Russians lose 1 ipc to a max of 10 every turn its open the Russian gain 1 back.
    #3Lafayette Escadrille: at the end of the first round you may place 1 free fighter in paris.

  • more NAs yeah! + map update

    #6British ship yards: British ships have discounts 1 for Tps and DDs 2 for CAs and 3 for BBs

    half of ww 1 map.JPG
    other half of ww1 map.JPG

  • Final Map update im serious this time no more. also some more NAs
    #4German officers: for every German infantry unit present in a territory with ottoman units it may boast the attack or defence of 1 conscript to a 2
    #5Joint operations: twice per game on the Ottoman players turn he may skip his conduct combat and combat move phases so then on the German players turn he can use both Ottoman and German units to attack

    half of ww 1 map.JPG
    other half of ww1 map.JPG

  • Rule Update
    Austrian NAs
    #4German Leadership: When German and Austrian troops fight together each German infantry may support an Austrian 1 adding 1 attack and defence
    #5Hungarian Shock troops: Austria may now buy Assault infantry (Limit 2)

    Ottoman NAs
    #6Early Victories: if Germany and Austria can take 8 territories turn 1 then the ottomans my declare war that turn

    Setup Change
    For Austria add
    2 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 industry, 1 AA gun to Vienna
    2 infantry, 1 artillery, 1AA gun to Budapest

    For France add
    2 infantry to East france

    For italy add
    1 infantry in rome
    1 infantry to northeast italy

    For Germany add
    1cruiser to the danish sea
    1 cruiser to the central mediteranian
    take 1 destroyer form the danish sea

  • sorry people posted the wrong map in the update 😮 this is the actual map

    Added 1 austrian NA
    #6Surprise Strike: on turn 1 all Austrian units in the first round of combat fire pre-emotively

    pelase tell me if any one is still interested with this if no one is ill stop updating.

    half of ww 1 map.JPG
    other half of ww1 map.JPG

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    I am actually quite interested in where the rules lead to. Plus, I encourage any variant building since they often turn out fun and, even if it doesn’t work, can lead to many new good ideas. Please keep posting on this project!

  • Thanks, since schools over I’ll probally be able to print the map and start play testing soon and seriously if you have any NA ideas for France Italy or Russia it would be appreciated and you will get reconization in the rule book.

  • first page is updated for rules, and i just clarified some teritory names on the board and the planned map size is
    112 by 64 cm the reason its so big is there a lot of small but important territories.

    half of ww 1 map.JPG
    other half of ww1 map.JPG

  • Sponsor '17 TripleA '11 '10

    I don’t think that’s an unreasonable map size at all. Let’s see, that’s about 25.5" X 44". You could go bigger than that and still be okay. I would say keep the width to around 30-36" (~76-90cm).

  • Nice work i rock! I like to see what people do with game design. However, I do have two minor quibbles with your map that you might consider changing for historical continuity.

    1. Iceland is one word not two (not Ice Land)
    2. Vichy France did not exist until the fall of France in 1940. You may want to name that territory Southern France or possibly Marseilles?

    Just a couple thoughts, but please keep up the good work!

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