This game is not as unbalanced as you think

  • This is my opinion after playing quite a few games. Depending on how good your players are, I find the game usually boils down to how well America and Britain plays. Since wiping out the British Navy is inevitable, looking at the IPCs Germany gains ignoring it will result in a German loss. The best players should usually play Germany and Russia (maybe England) and pretty much stalemate.

    The eastern front is action and reaction, with both players keeping their stacks out of reach until they have an advantage but posistioning it so that the other country threaten without retaliation. If Germany attempts to split the stack by taking the rich southern territories while pressuring from finland Russia cannot stand still. Posters here seem to favour a belorussian stack but that will lose because a split stacks pin down troops in the north leaving Germany to collect 50 ipcs by taking the soutern terrirtories. If Russia have a donated airforce, they can prolong the conflict in the East for a couple more turns. Germany’s infantry (don’t build all tanks beacuse counter-attacks will kill you) has to catch up to its tanks thus the need to posistion well.

    Eventually, Germany will outnumber the Russian forces, in as little as 3 tur ns the outcome may seem inevitible in the East. However, at this point the English fleet will have been rebuilt from sratch and Germany looks towards defense.

    America can invade africa immediately forcing garrison troops in southern Europe. Diverting 3-4 infantry and maybe an arty from the eastern front can make all the difference in the East since these are the only infantry that can get to the south-eastern front. At this point, rolls usually decide the game.

    When I play I usually depolpulate the board except where I need it. Always overkill unless you can kill cash or get a good posistion because most terrirtories are worth more on a posistional basis than as ipcs.

  • actually, germany won the last few games, but the allies won the few games before that. The point is, people should adapt to new strategies. There wil most likely be a skill imbalance between players.

  • Visit the A&AE web site and you can read posts from people who have played the game over and over. They now what works and what doesn’t.
    Again I say, the game favors Germany once you nailed it down and it is very common for games at that site to have an bid for the Allies.

  • When I play Germany I use the same strategy. When other, more expierenced players play aganist me when I’m the allies using the same strategy with the Germans I can usually defeat gERMANY when their using your strategy provided above. The Soviet Union needs too buy only infantry. They should use their 6 ipcs from the cash advance(i give them 6 and the british 6.) too buy and place in belorussia. After the German Invasion of the Ukraine, East Poland, and The BalticStates, CONCENTRATE all of your tanks(except for 1 or 2 ) in belorussia and all of your remaining artillery and up too 20 0r more infantry in belorussia as well. Still keep a promissable force in lennigrad and the caucasus. Bring all reserves forward from Siberia! Absorb the full German Blows and counter attack in a hit and run style. The u.s should fly 1 or 2 fighters to the soviet union. The allies will land in Africa, Italy, and france. Tell me what you think!!!

  • Will, if you let the german player get east poland freely, you will expect against your belorussian stack a all out attack from germany, and that attack will over 80% times wipe out your belorussian stack. After that game over for germans, you must use the map places and stoppers to delay the germans as long as you can. Over aggressive is sometimes a good plan, but sometimes it isn’t.

    The hardest part in the game is, if the german player takes karelia, baltic, east poland, bessarabia, ukraine and doesn’t take too many losses, the russian player will be in a very difficult situation, he cannot take all the places back. But if he threw the dices very good and made german casualties very high, it might be possible for him to push the germans back where they came from 🙂

  • i don’t know how everyone else is with the dice, but personally, i have noticed that some people tend to have infuriatingly good luck with the dice and so sometimes, luck turns the game. Otherwise, the Allies tend to win more often than not when i play

  • one way to balance it with no bid is to give each country 12 extra (not each alliance)
    I’ve tested it, I think it is pretty even.

  • You mean like 24 extra bucks for the allies?
    That’s 4 inf and 2 fighters for the Russians (well 2 UK fighters, but that changes after UK1) ….
    plus some US ships, which will mop up the Atlantic half a turn quicker…

    i just can’t believe that the Allies are not strongly favored after that.

  • well normal bid is about 28 which is 16 extra ipc’s usually that all goes to russia. If you force it to be split, I think it’s pretty even, It might slightly favor allies, but I’m not really sure. I played this way against someone on this forum who didn’t believe me, I was germany, and won easliy (>99% odds on moscow)

    what do you think about a russian sub in the white sea for a bid, it seems crazy, but someone did it to me, it was very effecitve. Iit more or less guarentees the soviet convoy, and then can be used for fodder to clean up the subs.

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