• I keep seeing people mentioning Scrambling planes in from England or West Germany for sea battles. On page 25 of the rules it stats you can only scramble from an island and that the United Kingdom is not an island. So neither territory qualifies. In fact the only territory in the European theatre that actually qualifies is Iceland.

    Am I missing something?

  • Short answer: yes

    long answer: yes, the alpha 2 rules, it states that fighters and tactical bombers can now scramble into defence in an adjoining seazone to the functioning airbase in order to assist friendly naval units or against an amphibous assault.

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    Welcome, taschuler!

    To expand on Zcion’s answer, the Alpha Rules are being developed by Larry Harris (the games’ designer) in order to deal with some balance issues that have arisen since the games’ publication.  They are currently a work in progress.  You can check them out here.

  • Thank you!

    Prior to these changes I saw no reason for Japan to NOT attack Hawaii.

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