• I recently just bought new units from Historicalboardgaming.com (AWESOME Service), and was looking for a few ideas on how best to use them. I play the G40 the most. I bought Dutch and Canadian armies (every unit available) and need the best option for set up and starting IPCs. Also I bought 8 Japanese and 8 US Marines and V2 rockets for Germany. Any ideas on how to implement them? Thanks for the tips!

  • Ask otzea(sorry for sp) for a Canadian setup. Take the marine rules from AA pacific 1. For the v2 possibly alter the rockets tech.

  • Look up “Minor Nations” on this forum. We have the Canadian setup. I’m making a Dutch setup myself. Use the V2s for rocket bases and the marines for well… marines (sorry for the crappy advice).

  • This is what we use for V2 rockets

    V2 Rockets
    Cost 2 IPCs. They are produced at IC’s and move two (transported by train/truck). They are used at your AA guns in place of your normal rocket attack; they are immune to AA flyover fire and AA fire in targeted territory, due to their sub orbital attack and being faster than the speed of sound on approach. Range is still the same (3). Roll two dice and choose the better dice of the two. Can only move in combat movement phase if movement results in its being used at an AA gun location for a rocket attack. Are otherwise considered as non combat vehicles on defense and may be targeted by attacking tactical bombers.

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