What IF canada stayed out of the war(IF)

  • Making excuses why Nazis did bad things is a losing argument no matter how eloquent you think you are being.

    Good point, MrMalachi. Acknowledging Nazi atrocities, even if some incidents of those atrocities are overstated, isn’t just about admonishing the Germans. It’s about what drives some groups of people to commit horrific acts in the name of something, and how we can try to prevent that from happening again, or at least catch the warning signs early.

    Kurt wrote:

    That mechanism is explained in more detail in Adam Tooze’s excellent work, The Wages of Destruction. The book has been praised by The Times (London), The Boston Globe, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Sun, and other major media outlets. On pages 89 - 90, Tooze writes,

    Fantastic source, but no where does it support your claim that the food blockade was a “proximate cause” for the killing of millions of Jews (as well as millions of Poles, Ukrainians, and other European ethnic/national groups) or that without the blockade, the Nazis would have embraced Europe’s Jewish population. I’m sure Tooze would balk at such a correlation to his excellent book. He analyzes the Nazi perspective that justified - in Nazi eyes - mass killings of certain groups, but he does not condone those actions, let alone blame the Allies for those killings.
    Again, you try to shift blame to the UK because they did not provide homes for the European Jews (you do realize there were millions and millions of Jews in Europe?). What kind of argument is that? Hitler’s desire to ship the Jewish population to Madagascar wasn’t a noble one, wouldn’t you agree?
    Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re suggesting Nazi Germany was forced to exterminate and execute millions of innocent people becuase:
    A) the Allied blockade caused a food shortage, and some groups received better food than others
    B) the UK and whoever else wouldn’t accept the millions of Jewish refuges, and finally:
    C) Hitler wasn’t able to ship the Jewish population to Madagascar, which we all know is just such a wonderful resort and would have made a fantastic place for millions of disposed and penniless people to live. :roll:

    Am I and MrMalachi the only ones who call BS on these nonsensical arguments?  This isn’t just some interesting conspiracy theory, like those who believe English pilots bombed Pearl Harbor to draw the U.S. into the war. These are rather some very serious misconceptions.

    And Jesus, Cminke, do you not own a dictionary?

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    In closing:  The Allies (UK in this case alone) could have lost the war if Canada had remained Neutral  😄

  • and thus we end on a happy note

  • Oh boy. I missed out on THIS?

    Sorry, guys, it’s my duty as a Canadian to post in here  😄

    Canada’s economy aside, as she would have supported the British regardless of her official political and military stance in the war, there are other things to consider.

    The Canadian military was the only military worth noting that could have interfered with a German invasion. Nearly the entire British army’s heavy equipment was left at Dunkirk, and her factories were at the point of collapse from the amount of bombings the Germans employed against them.

    That is where we should discuss some more, the Battle of Britain. Canada is where a huge percentage of pilots from across the Commonwealth were trained. I believe the number is as high as 90% of the pilots that fought over Britain were trained in the Canadian wilderness.

    In addition, the Canadian aviation projects that occurred between 1939 through 1942, when America’s input was seriously felt, was what kept the Allied air fleets in the skies to defend Britain in the first place.

    Everyone knows air superiority is what wins a war.

  • Without Canada (and the commonwealth),  England would have lost the war.
    Simple as that.

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