• I’m a newer player, playing against an experienced player, OOB.  I’ve heard that it’s easier for the Allies to win if the US goes for the Pacific, but I’m unsure, as they have very large amounts of airforce.  Thanks for responses.

  • I tried making a rule for countering this but actually it wasn’t needed. The US must commet IPCs to BOTH fronts not just one. However you may want to choose which front to mainly focus on. That depends on your (or your team’s) overall strategy.

  • I always do both sides, Atlantic AND pacific.

    Typicaly I will go heavier in the Pacific with the US focusing on the islands, but it all depends on what the Axis player(s) do as the Allies are more of a reactionary force.

  • This is one of the main problems with OOB (victory conditions). I think it’s 14 VC to win with the axis in OOB. USA can spend on one side of the board to win.  With alpha rules the conditions are seperated 6 of 8 in the pacific or 8 o 11 in Europe this way USA has to spend on both sides or they will probally loose.

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    A lot of this depends on the UK.  If Germany pulls off a successful Sealion, then the US should spend primarily in the Atlantic so they can liberate England.  You don’t want to totally ignore the Pacific, but just spend enough there to keep Japan from going wild all over the Pacific.  With good strategy and some luck, a smaller US presence, ANZAC and India should be able to keep Japan busy long enough for the US to get England back in the game before Italy and Germany get too strong.
    However, if Sealion fails or is not attempted, and the UK stays in the game for a while, then I would say US should spend primarily in the Pacific.  Again, you don’t want to completely ignore the Atlantic.  Perhaps a few destroyers to hamper German sub activity, some troops to help take back/keep Gibralter, maybe even a small invasion force on Normandy that can be backed up by British troops and open the way to liberate France.  With a small US presence, the Brits should be able to keep Italy in check in Africa and the Med while also harrassing the Germans enough so the Russians can better keep them from taking too much of Russian territory.  Meanwhile, a much larger US presence in the Pacific can pound the Japanese navy out of existence while steadily driving them back to Japan.  The US should be able to replace it’s naval losses better than Japan, especially since Japan will also have to support the land offensive against China and India.  Japan will keep losing valuable units while the Allies grow stronger.

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