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    I may be trying out Napolean in Europe for the first time this weekend any advise would be apreciated.

  • I’ve had that game for about a year now.
    It’s fun, but there are serious rule problems especially in
    A-historical games.
    You may also want to buy more pieces as their are barely enough.

    If you play historical games, make sure you use innovation cards.
    The french are always fighting multiple nations and they really need innovations to have a chance.

    All and all if you can get by some of the weak rules it’s a fun game.
    You should check out the Eagle games web site and look over some of the NiE forum.
    I’ve been posting there for over a year know.

    I should mention that you’ll need hours and hours for A-historical games, but I don’t think someone who plays World at War will have a problem with long games. :lol:

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    Thanks, when I posted this I realy had no idea what the game was about. I looked at Eagle games site and perused the NiE forum there and realized that it seems to be quite a complex and challenging game. I am looking forward to giving it a try.

    Have you played the EG Civil war game? The name escapes me at the moment, but a friend of mine picked it up reciently and I haven’t had a chance to play it either.

  • Yes, I also own The American Civil War and Civilization board games. Although I’ve haven’t play Civilization yet. It did win board game of the year, so it must be ok.

    Anyway, I actually got The Civil War game first, as it came out beforehand.
    I think it’s the best all round game Eagle games has. It’s not too bogged down with ambiguous rules. It has a good flow to it and it really creates a atmosphere of the era.
    It plays, in regards to tactic battles and movement, the same as NiE and the playing pieces are similar too.
    All round it’s a great game. If you could only own one Eagle game, it would have to be this one.

    The only problem is that it’s only a two player game. You can make it a four player game, as the rules suggest, but its not the same. Still, its fun either way.

    Too bad we don’t live closer to each other…I don’t play this game enough.

    Once you’ve experience the tactical combat, you’ll never look at A&A or any other military board game for that matter, the same again.

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    Well, when you get to the age where you decide to come here in the winter in your RV like the rest of the old Canadians we can hook up for some games. :lol:

  • That’s not a bad idea……I can get away from the brutal cold and watch the Jets in action again. :lol:

    Let me know, when you’ve play those games, what you think.

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