If KGF presents itself, what is your US1 buy?

  • I have often been employing a buy of 3 transports, 1 tank, 1 art, and 1 bomber.

    My two Eastern US transports pretty much always go to Algeria. I like the idea of moving one (or both) up to sz1 so to put early pressure on Norway. However, it is very common for Germany to have a bomber on Norway (post UK BB strafe). It’s not uncommon for me to have a UK dd in sz8 to block the sub(s) in sz7 from getting to sz1; but a bomber vs. a cruiser and 1 or 2 transports is too big of a risk for me.

    I’ve very recently changed my buy (in these very common circumstances) to 3 transports, 1 inf, 1 art, and 1 AC. The AC will join the cruiser, dd, and 3 new transports. With the AC (and likely one fighter), I will be able to have my transports go to sz1 in US2 despite the decent possibility of having 2 German bombers in Western Europe. Also, the additional support allows me to take the US destroyer to destroy any U-boats within reach (assuming no untouchable subs can reach sz1).

    Without the AC buy, 2 German bombers within reach of SZ1 forces my group of transports to travel to sz18 to join the (likely) incoming bb.

    So, what’s your US1 buy?

  • Hard to say - all depends on the magnitude of the threat from Germany.

    Going full KGF with a pretty standard German opening round means that the sea zone next to Algeria is threatened by 2 subs 3-5 figs and a bomber.

    I almost always buy an AC + Destroyer.
    Maybe also a Fighter (UK maybe require 1-2 figs on their AC).
    this leaves room for 1 transport + 1 tank

    I often land in Algeria with 4 units round 1 - meaning I sacrifice the two transports.

    Giving me the possibility to move in next with AC + 2 figs + cruiser +2 dd and maybe join up with the UK navy.

    Germany can beat this, but not likely without substantial losses, if they do my next buy will be similar, and reach Europe together with the pacific battleship.

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