How to spend 12 IPCs

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    There was a great discussion on the previous message forums (before everything was lost) about how to spend the 12 IPC in A&A Europe.

    Anybody want to share their thoughts on this?

  • With the Allies I like to buy some infantry for the UK. I usually put them in Eygpt with one or two reinforcing Malta (I really don’t like losing Malta). As Germany I like mixing it up, sometimes buying an other transport or maybe infanry, perhaps even a fighter if the particular stratagy I’m using calls for it.

  • It all matters what Germany does.

    Germany puts infantry into Rumania = I put Artillery into BeloRussia

    Germany Puts Artillery into Finland = I put Infantry into Karelia

    Germany Buys naval units - I buy destroyers

    Germany buys Artillery for Africa - I buy Infantry for africa

    Germany buys transport for Baltic - I put 4 infantry into Lenningrad.

  • I always buy three artillery as Germany and put them along my Russian front as I see fit (based on my strategy)
    As allies I always give Russia and/or UK infantry.

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    I would have to agree with Yanny in that it depends on what the allies do.

  • you mean Germany? They place their units first.
    I always reinforce Malta becuase the fighter there can swing the balance in Africa, and without Malta it would be exceedingly difficult for the British to get anything into Africa. Naturally, if the Germans want to do very well in Africa, they need to take Malta so it gets reinforced.

  • i agree. As allies i often put a british infantry on malta. Germany can take it off of course. But it will be more difficult. if you dont put an infantry on malta, germany could try to get with two infantary against a fighter plus a destroyer one shot attack… easy !

    Having saying that, last game i choose to put 4 infantries in Baltic states because Germany chose to buy a destroyer (stupid move to me). It worked pretty well… because Germany had to leave my tank in Bessarabia to get more IPCs

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    Your right Bossk I meant Germany.

    I play against a guy (TheStenGun)who sometimes likes to put two armor in Africa. this can be an interesting diversion. When he did it it worked great. However, when I tried it I left them exposed and they were distroyed. I think I’ll stick to offencive units on the Eastern Front.😄

  • Personally, I don’t bother defending malta. If you want that fighter so bad, just buy it.

  • i allways lose the malta fighter in t1
    is the best way for Ger. to keep the Med. fleet live longer. i do it too when i’m Ger.
    fore 12ipc’s the best you can buy is a destr.
    or a fighter.

    gtz Nils…

  • once you’ve bought said fighter, Yanny, it is impossible to get to Africa, unless you plan on American support in which case you probably won’t need it anyway. Besides, it takes 3 turns to fly stuff to Africa and by then it may all be over anyway.

  • if germany places first, i would prefer a trasport in the german SZ to scare to uk into using their 12ipc on home defense. if germany is allowed to place 2nd, as dezertfish said, i like to just put armor in libya to do a quick first turn storm into the middle east. getting the extra income early in the game really helps.

  • No, I mean just buy it with the 12$

  • ahhh, ya veezhoo (I see). You could also buy the infantry and have even more troops in Africa.

  • Anyone ever consider giving america anything? Would be funny to watch that 😉

  • The only thing America would even be able to use first turn is ships.

  • For the Germans: one tank, one cannon, one man, placed up north in finland.

    For the allies: generally, four men stacked on Leningrad. If Germany does something crazy with its money, the allies can do something equally nutso to counter them.

  • I like placing another Transport in the baltic to either threat Leningrad (or send more infantry to Vyborg, baltic states) or as cannon fodder when going for the UK home fleet. Depening of course, on where the allies spend their money. With the last 4…. buy a arti, or save it, whatever you like 😄

  • I’ve tried all these ideas. With them I’ve won some and lost some. I prefer the TRN in the Baltic to make opponents choose between 4 INF in Leningrad or 2 INF in Leningrad and 2 INF in UK. I’ve tried some other stupid things…
    I don’t want to talk about it anymore!

  • HOWEVER, I do play a variety of openings!
    Thank you very much!
    “Jisb dinf ornf ein hoffbrau!”

  • I ALWAYS put 4 men in leningrad. 2 men in lenigrad cant hold it at all. leningrad is where you fly all of your fighters from england (english and american). Give all of your fighters to russia as soon as you can. They can defend leningrad and be converted to russian fighters.

  • Why would you keep two inantry in leningrad after the first turn? There is a minimal chance of the Germans taking Leningrad on the first turn (and even then it doesn’t really matter) and the IC is there for a reason. I think the infantry could be better placed along the front or in Africa.

  • Here is what I have tried and it seems to have worked well against a friend of mine who is a very good Axis player. I have yet to ever be the Axis so I have some moves here that work well with using the 12 bucks at the start.

    RUSSIA - 4 infantry in Bessarbia, or 4 infantry in Iraq
    Why - 4 infantry in bessarabia help defend the one tank and artillery, and a first move attack by the germans there is almost none existent. The 4 infantry in Iraq is good because you can spare them and use them to help protect the oil.

    Britian - destroyer in davis strait, or 2 Inf. on Malta and 2 in trans-jordan,

    Us- gets $2 bucks from inital 12 and builds an aircraft carrier and a battleship with all its money (42)

  • hey only ONE of the alies gets the $12

  • @StrongBad1988:

    hey only ONE of the alies gets the $12

    Do you mean that UK, USA and Sovjet gets to share the 12IPC or that only one may use them?

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