Navel / Air battle newbie question

  • Hello All,

    first of all, i find myself reading here alot on strategies etc… thank you all… .so far, I have played three games as Japan… and man… can’t seem to win…

    My question -

    two subs in a sea zone… player attacks me with a destroyer and two planes…  first round - I hit destroyer (because planes can’t be hit by subs)… all of his units miss… the planes have to leave right - - - can’t keep attacking because no destroyer to find and locate?

    One more question comes to mind from above… if a major sea battle is going on… sub hits can only be taken on fleet not airforce… right?  this is probably in detail in the rules and I missed them maybe??

    Thanks alot in advanced… more newbie thoughts and questions coming 🙂

  • Yes, once the DD is destroyed the planes can no longer hit the Subs so the battle would end.

    And yes, since subs can never hit planes any sub hits go to fleet elements.

    I guess this would form a partial exception to the “transports die last” rule.  For instance if two DDs, three fighters, and a transport attack 3 subs, and on the first round the subs get three hits, the transport would be sunk even though the fighters are still alive, since that third sub hit could only be resolved on a sea unit.

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