• Okay so if you haven’t read what I’m doing then check it out on my topic “Minor Axis Powers”. For a short explanation I’m adding minor nations to the game for the Axis and the Allies.

    Thanks to Ozteas house rules I have a pretty good idea for the Vichy French and Free French Forces but I need info for the other nations.
    Raw info is good but I can get that on wikipedia so I need ideas. I need National Advantages and National Objectives for these nations.

    Remember the NOs and NAs can’t be to big for them as there only minor nations. Also each nation will have a limit on it’s armed forces to represent it’s lack of versitility and size of production. Example:Finland can only buy 4 tanks, 2 fighters, 1 bomber and unlimited infantry and artillery. They can’t have mechs and only certain kinds of naval units but I’m not going to get into that.

    Okay so thats your mission so here are the nations (if you think anyothers need to be added then post it): Finland, Minor Axis (I need a better name but these are Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria), Manchukuo, Thailand (a.k.a Siam), Dutch (free Dutch forces in the Pacific), and Communist China.

  • I would assume you are using the global 1940 map but what is your start year. This is especially important for Finnish NAs or NOs.

  • I’m guessing your Finish 🙂 . Well I have an idea for some nations. One Finish NA is that they switch sides if the European Axis lose at least one capitol and have less than 3 VCs. But yes the game starts in 1940 and will use the Global/ Europe/ Pacific map (it will be compatible for the maps seperatly). Also I intend to make them for the Ozteas 1941 map and the 1939 setup I intend to work on. But for now it’s just Global 1940.

  • Canada as a minor allied power.

    UK Pacific loses 1 IPC (to 16)
    UK Atlantic loses 6 IPCs (to 22)

    Canada & ANZAC become a new power known as “UK Commonwealth” with 2 economies. (Just like regular UK)

    The Canadian economy starts at 7, and they are represented by ANZAC units
    Canada has 2 National Objectives

    5 IPCs - No United Kingdom Europe or Canadian territories are subject to Convoy Raiding by Axis Forces
    5 IPCs - When the United States is at war with the European Axis.

    Canada’s setup is:
    (NOTE: all UK units are replaced with Commonwealth units in these territories)
    SZ 106 - Destroyer, Transport
    SZ 123 - Destroyer, Transport, Transport (UK)
    New Brunswick/Nova Scotia - 1 Infantry, Port
    Quebec - 1 Infantry, 1 Tank, 1 Fighter
    Ontario - 1 Infantry, 1 Artillery
    British Columbia - 1 Infantry

    United Kingdom - 1 Infantry (Commonweath)
    Iceland - 1 Infantry (Commonwealth), 1 Infantry (UK)

    Germany gets an additonal sub in SZ 118

  • Oztea you never fail to impress me. Yes I was thinking about adding Canada and this is what I’m looking for. Think you could make some Canadian NAs? I don’t think we could use your ANZAC ones as their made for that part of the commonwealth. I intend to play this game with ALL of your NAs. Also what about the ANZAC infantry infantry in Eygpt? The main reason I ask is because we would miss out on the tenacious defense rule  😞 .

    But good job. If possible could we work something out with some other nations? I am editing Vichy and Free French rules so that I can have them both as minors. Also just in case anyone is wondering I am representing my minors with the nations roundel under a piece from an allied nation. However you could purchase some painted pieces to represent them.

    Also I have an important question. Should these nations be represented as actual nations or extentions of allied nations? Because I was thinking about making these nations use income from their home territories but so will their major ally. In other words the Minor Axis would get 6 IPCs form comtrolling Hungary and Romania but Germany would also get those IPCs. Or should they simply work like actual nations like Oztea’s Commonwealth nation? It would work for well for the Dutch and Minor Axis but Finaland, Manchukuo, Siam, and the Communists are going to need some economy boosts.

  • Incorperating ALL the things ive got floating around in my brain is to monumental a task for even myself, lol

    Id need some time to make up Canadian NAs

    Most of my rules are not designed to be interchangeable, or at least i dont look at them that way.

  • Hmm well we could make them work. Just keep up the good work and if you have time I’d appreciate the contribution.

  • Some ideas from a variant I play:

    IPC Income: Finland (3 IPC), Romania (6 IPC) , Bulgaria (3 IPC) & Hungary (3 IPC).  These IPC income levels are fixed and do not change except for NO achievements.  Any captured territories by Minor Axis nations are applied to Germany’s IPC total.  IPCs cannot be share amongst Minor Axis nations or with Germany.

    Germany and Minor Axis act on the same turn (so they can conduct combined attacks).

    German NO: Gemamny recevied +5 IPCs while all Tripartite Pact members are unconquered, including Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria (+ Japan for global game) and Finland remains unconquered.

    Unit Builds:  Minor Axis nations cannot build ICs, Air or Naval bases.  They can build any land unit type, Fighters and Transports but no other naval or air units. Any units purchased are placed on the Minor Axis nations home territory.

    Minor Axis units can be combined with German (but not Italian) units for special abilities: i.e.:  Romanian artillery can support German Infantry to recevie +1 attack bonus.

    Set Up & NOs (1940):

    Finland: 2 Infantry / 1 Artillery / 1 Armor. +2 IPCs when Finnish units occupy Vyborg / +1 IPCs when 3 or more German land/air units are present in Finland.

    Romania: 3 Infantry / 2 Artillery / 1 Armor / 1 Fighter. +1 IPC when SZ100 is free of allied naval units / +1 IPCs when both Ukraine & Western Ukraine are occupied by Romanain units / +2 IPCs when 4 or more German land/air units are present in Romania / +2 IPCs when there is an uninteruppted supply line from Romania to all of the following german controllerd territories: Germany, West Germany / Greater Southern Germany.

    Bulgaria: 3 Infantry / 1 Artillery / 1 Mech Infantry.  +2 IPCs when Bulgarian units occupy Greece / +1 IPCs when 3 or more German units are present in Bulgaria.

    Hungary: 3 Infantry / 2 Artillery / I Armor / 1 Fighter.  +2 IPCs when Hungarian units occupy Yugoslavia. +1 IPC when 3 or more German units are present in Hungary.

  • Very good Monroe! Thats what I’m looking for! But I will edit some things. First of all Finland can build a Navy of sorts. Only subs, TTs, DDs, and Crusiers though. Also I’m going to adjust Hungary’s and Finland’s IPCs to 4 as historicaly they contributed more than Bulgaria. Also all these nations can build Tacs (the Germans did have Stuktas so why can’t there allies?) Also bulgaria must be activated. Finland starts with a sub and destroyer in SZ 115. Now all we need is two National Advantages for each of these nations. For Romania I think I’ve got “Romanian Oil” and Finland has “Winter War” and “Finish Foreign Relations”. But good job. All we need now is some rules for the Dutch in Pacific as well as Thailand, Manchukuo, and the Communist Chinese.

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    Okay so thats your mission so here are the nations (if you think anyothers need to be added then post it): Finland, Minor Axis (I need a better name but these are Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria), Manchukuo, Thailand (a.k.a Siam), Dutch (free Dutch forces in the Pacific), and Communist China.

    I know you asked for NAs and NOs, but I just want to comment on a broader level about a few of the countries of your list because not all of them sided with the Axis (which your post and your related “Minor Axis Powers” post both seem to suggest).

    Thailand / Siam: The King and some of the senior leadership agreed to let Japan walk into Thailand in 1941, but Thailand’s position was more that of an occupied nation than of an Axis partner.  Much of the population and some of the country’s leadership was pro-Allied, and the Thai underground supplied a lot of valuable intelligence to the Allies during the war.

    Holland: You should be clear that the “Dutch free forces in the Pacific” were on the Allied side.  Neutral Holland became an Allied country in 1940 when Germany occupied it.  Its colonial empire (including the Dutch East Indies) continued to side with the Allies.  In fact, in the early months of the Pacific war, there was a short-lived ABDA (American-British-Dutch-Australian) joint command structure.

    Communist China: There was no Communist China during the Second World War.  There was a fairly small area in China (centered around Shaanxi) controlled during the war by Mao’s Communist forces.  Mao and Chiang only had a limited amount of cooperation during the war; both were anti-Japanese, but they were also anti-each-other.  You could say that the main “national objective” of both Mao’s Communists and Chiang’s Nationalists was to position themselves as best they could for the post-war world so that, when the Americans eventually defeated the Japanese, Mao and Chiang could gain the upper hand when they resumed their war against each other.

  • Yes okay my post was a little misleading. But I did stare about adding ALLIED nations into the game and by that I meant the Dutch and Communists. Yes I know there was no communist china at the time but they did as you said have control over certain regions of china. Thailand is in fact politically known as a co-belligerent nation on the axis side of the war.

    Now communist China I’m having some trouble with. Adding Canada, the Dutch and Free French would give us 3 minor allies. The question is “do we really need the chinese communists in the game?”. If so I have an interesting idea. We make a system so that on some turns the chinses fight AGAINST each other and on other turns the side with each other. However this is tricky.

    Still I want to first finish NAs for the Axis minors and make rules for the Dutch, Thailand, and Manchukuo before we get into China. I am almost finished with the french NOs and NAs so I’ll have them ready by this weekend at the latest. Maybe even this week though. So if you could CWO dish out the facts in your imense noggin and tell us some uniquw things about Romania, Hungary, Finland, and Bulgaria in WWII.

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    Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria are pretty much out of my orbit, but here are a couple of thoughts as far as Finland goes:

    Finland’s participation in the German attack on the USSR was as a co-belligerent (rather than as an Axis member) and it saw the conflict as the second phase of the original Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939-1940 – hence its name “The Continuation War” in Finland.  Its national objective could be stated as the reconquest of the territories lost to Russia in the Winter War, plus some additional territorial gains for good measure.  (See “Continuation War” in Wikipedia for more details: “Finland’s main goal during World War II—although it was nowhere openly stated—was to survive the war as an independent democratic country, capable of maintaining its sovereignty in a politically hostile environment. Specifically for the Continuation War, Finland also aimed at reversing its territorial losses under the March 1940 Moscow Peace Treaty and by extending its territory further east, to have more non-Finnish land to defend before armies from the USSR could enter Finnish territories.”)

  • Alright so heres my ideas for Finlands NAs. One is Winter War. When Finish units defend Vyborg or Finland then the battle lasts one round then the Allies retreat (this represents the limited logistics in Finland and the climate and terrain). Lastly is Finland Foreign Relations. Finland gets one free infantry unit a turn (Swedish volunteers) and if the Allies control at least one European Axis capitol and the European Axis control less than 3 VCs then Finland becomes a minor allied nations.

  • Oztea I’m confused on the Canada setup. Do you setup the troops listed AND the troops already there? In other words in the OOB version Onatio will have TWO infantry and one artillery?

  • Replace the UK units with ANZAC (Commonwealth) unless otherwise noted

  • Alright so the Final setup for the Canada territories is Quebec: 2 Infantry, 2 Armor, 1 fighter and 1 minor IC. Ontario: 2 infantry, 1 Artillery and Nova Scotia: 1 Infantry, naval base. is their two transports and two destroyers in sz 106?

  • Ok, replace wasnt the right word
    Put it this way, there are no UK units in canada, Commonwealth only

    Quebec - 1 Infantry, 1 Armor, 1 Fighter, Minor IC
    Ontario - 1 Infantry, 1 Artilery
    Nova Scotia - 1 Infantry, Naval Base
    British Coloumbia - 1 Infantry
    SZ 106 - 1 Destroyer, 1 Transport
    SZ 123 (Iceland) - 1 Destroyer, 1 Transport, 1 Infantry, 1 Transport (UK)
    United Kingdom - 1 Infantry
    Egypt - ANZAC Units as normal, as with all other ANZAC units on the pacific board

    Remember, ANZAC + Canada is a 2 economy power, called Commonwealth.

  • Alright all cleared up. Now I’m done with NAs for Free French, Vichy French (these are mainly rules for limits on the forces), and Minor Axis. I still think you should do Canada cause it’s your official rule and I don’t want to steal it. Also you make really good NAs. I will make rules for the Dutch, Thailand, Manchukuo and MAYBE the Chinese Commies.

  • I really like the Canadian set up. Looking forward to the Dutch addition.

  • Is this thing still alive.

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