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Minor Axis Powers

  • So I’ve been reading on Wikipedia about the Minor nations involved in WW2. I mean we all know that just about every nation in the world sided with the Allies by the end of the war so I don’t really like reading about them. However I find the Axis cooperators facsinating.

    So from reading about them I decided to add them to the game as a house rule. They include Finnland and the Minor Axis (Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria) for Germany and Manchukuo (yes it was a puppet state but it did have it’s own military) and Siam for Japan. Now these provide a boost to the Axis so only use them if they need a handicap or if you find a way to add some bonuses to the Allies.

    I won’t post the rules yet because I’m not finished with them but give me your opinion. Also this will not effect the Major Axis income or troops placement. Also each nation will have two NOs and two NAs. Plus I will make rules for the Dutch Forces too and MAYBE the Communist Chinese for the Allies.

    If you want to help with the project I am going to need some help. Go to my topic titled Minor Nations.

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