AAG41 w/Axis & Allied Minors

  • Attached is the latest version of AAG41 w/ Axis & Allied Minors.

    I know coachofmany/Tigerman77 & Ozeta have there own versions running now…mine is not meant to override but is just an update of a version i’ve posted over the years.

    It plays off the AAG40 boards and is based off Alpha2 rule base; NO’s have been modified to take into account the timeframe and a NA or two have been added to each nation.

    Essentially, the game adds Romania, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Vichy France for the Axis and Canada, African Colonies, Free French and a more separated UK Pacific for the Allies.  It also establishes “Major Neutrals:” Spain as Pro Axis; Sweden and Turkey as “major” strict neutrals.

    There are also some modified rules allowing for powers to attack on the same turn, etc.

    I have found it to be a “simple” upgrade and fairly balanced (played 5 games so far with 2 Axis wins and 3 Allied wins).

    I have used units from historicalboardgaming.com and will eventually add the FMG units.  I’ll post some pics later.
    AA41G for Minor Powers v2.0 Mar 11.xls

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