• So my opponent has stated that he intends to try the IC in Romania G1 strategy, with an all out drive on Moscow.  I also believe he will include taking Sfrance and Paris G1, but don’t know what he will do in the Atlantic.  I have also been able to glean that Japan will most likely go with an India Crush strategy that bypasses the Chinese.  I think he would be willing to sacrifice his fleet in defense of the money islands, and perhaps intends to build IC’s in Korea or FIC.

    I am confident in my abilities, but I was wondering specifically what people have done as Russia in response to a Romanian IC build.  If it is followed by German naval builds in the BLACK sea (say 1 trn 1 CR 1dd would it be advised to counter with russian aircraft or disregard.  My initial plan as Russia was to forgo infantry production and instead go arty and tanks while coalescing my army in the South.  If he does indeed go Romanian IC, then I think I will also withdraw from the Japanese.  Will this work or should I instead concentrate my builds on infantry and aircraft?

  • Some may disagree with me but if he is going all for russia then trying to counter might not be the best idea… Go for the inf and planes or infantry and tanks, doesnt matter, just get a bunch of infantry while stalling him until England and America land. As for japan I would say bring your inf back first round then on the second, bring them back and mess japan  by taking their IC in korea, or take manchuria , if they want to go all india then bring down the hammer from the Eastern russians

    Please: No more profanity and check spelling before posting here.

  • I am a fan of buying a lot of offensive units (art and tanks) with Russia to help halt the advance of Germany.  I have tried building lots of inf with Russia in the past and it becomes very hard to keep the Germans from taking all of Russia’s economy with that battle plan.  Of course Russia will need the help of it’s allies because it can not stand against Germany alone in Alpha 2 forever no matter what it buys.

    I do not have experience with Romanian Complex tactic by an Axis player.  The oppponent I play the most likes to attack Russia with Infantry and Artillery early and then reinforce with tanks and planes as he pushes deeper in.

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