• http://www.nazi.org/ we have seen an all time patheticness in politics. LOL this should be on comedy central

  • Man, i wish that there was no record of me viewing this site . . .
    "must clean computer - disinfect, wash it repeatedly . . . "

  • Ptui! Ptui!
    I don’t like it, but they make great examples of
    ‘what not to be when you grow up.’

    It does the world good to keep a few examples of dinosaurs like
    David Duke, Jacque “Iraq” Chirac and Ted Kennedy around.

    Remember, if you allow groups like that to exist it’s easier to keeep tabs on the wankers! 😉

  • '19 Moderator

    LOL… That must be a good one. My company server blocked me from having access.

  • I’m sure they might have a few good ideas. Too bad they choose some rather sick symbols to use. Ya know, how can anybody take them seriously. It’s like when people say the propaganda in North Korea is comparable to the propaganda the US used in the Cold War. I mean how can anybody take somebody like that seriously?

    I understand some lawyer in Belgium wants to take Tommy Franks to court and try him as a War Criminal on behalf of some Iraqi civilians who said he should have done more to protect the museums. Now, I don’t disagree that the US could have done more, and perhaps there should be some sort of an investigation. But, to use the War Crimes mechanism and the World Court for this political agenda will cause the US to shy away even more from a world court system that could be used to prosecute real war crimes and crimes against humanity. Why somebody would choose to sue Tommy Franks over say Pol Pot when he was alive or say Yassir Arafat is beyond me. But then again there are lots of French folks in Belgium so that might be reason enough. 😉


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