AAMiniatures LAND (from Europe)

  • I am interested in trading AAM, either within Europe or outside, no problem with US or Canadians players, but i have to indicate that some trades made in March 2011, its normal rate of shipping speed was very slow,….as long as they eventually get to their respective destinations I am OK with a trade.  
    +12 in Official aaminis Good/Bad Trader List of "forumini " web.

    WANTS (only vehicles v.2):
    New CO set:
    1x Elite Stug III Ausf G
    1x Churchill III (Can)
    1x 40/43M Zrinyi Assault Howitzer
    2x Type H4 Ho Ro JP

    1x PzKpfw 35 [T] SLO
    2x Universal Carrier
    2x New Zealand Infantry
    1x MG 34 Machine-Gun Team
    1x HAGO

    PZKpfw IV Ausf. A (EW)
    Char Bis (39-45 )  
    H-39 Hotchkiss
    Valentine 39-45
    Churchill IV EF        
    Grant I N.A
    Crusader N.A.
    some CHI-HA 39-45
    some HA-GO 39-45


    My haves: Rares in bold, v1 in red

    2x Tank Obstacle
    2x Minefield
    1x Pillbox

    3x Koumintang Officer
    2x Koumintang Machine-Gun Team

    T-26 Series 1933

    2x “Screaming Eagle” Paratroopers
    4x S. E. Captain Paratrooper
    1x 37mm Gun M3
    2x Mortar M2
    5x 3" Gun M5
    2x M1 81mm mortar (D-Day)
    2x Resourceful Hero
    5x “Red Devil” Captain (B. Set), 2x (39-45)
    3x M1 Garand (Base Set)
    2x Bar Gunner
    2x “Buffalo Soldiers”
    1x M1919 MG
    4x Bazooka (39-45 & BS)
    1x U.S. Engineer
    1x CCKW                      
    1x M5 Half Track N.A.
    1x Jeep (EF)
    1x M3 Light Tank
    1x Lockheed P-38G Lightning

    1x Amtrack
    1x M18 Hellcat V1
    1x M7 105mm Priest V1
    1x M24 Chafee V1
    2x M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight V1
    1x Veteran M4 Sherman Rhino   V1

    5x M41A Sherman V1
    3x M3 Half Track  V1
    3x M5 Half Track V1
    3x Jeep V1
    3x M16 Half Track V1

    1x 17-Pounder Antitank Gun
    3x 2-Pounder Antitank Gun
    3x 6-Pounder Antitank Gun
    2x Entrenched Antitank Gun
    2x Defiant Paratroopers          
    4x PIAT Gunner
    3x Inspiring Lieutenant (Base Set)
    1x Inspiring Hero
    2x Concealed Forward Observer
    4x BREN Machine Gunner (N.A.), 4x (D-Day)
    3x VICKERS Machine Gun Team (Base Set)
    2x SMLE No4 Rifle (Base Set)
    2x Royal Engineer
    2x Greek Officer
    4x Canadian Infantrymen D-Day
    2x Eagle-Eyed NCO D-Day
    2x Australian Officer

    1x Marmon Herrington MK. II AC
    1x Valentine II(SOA)
    1x Supermarine Spitfire MK.I (Day-D)

    1x Morris Reconnaissance Car MK 2 N.A.

    2x Crusader II   V1
    3x Cromwell IV  V1
    1x Sherman VC Firefly  V1
    2x Churchill Cocodrile V1
    2x MK. VII Tetrach v1
    1x Sherman DD      V1

    2x M3 Sturart V1
    3x Archer V1
    3x Humber Scout Car  V1

    5x Free Resistence Infantrymen
    5x MAS 7,5mm Riflemen (Base set)
    1x Alpine Troop              
    2x Somua S-35 (39-45)
    1x Somua (Early War)

    1x Renault R-35  (39-45)

    1x Renault R-35  (Base Set) V1

    1x Cavalrymen Set II
    1x 7TPDW  (SET II) v1

    2x Blackshirts                
    1x Fucile Modello 1891 (Base set)
    2x Stalwart Hero
    4x 47/32 Antitank Gun
    2x Stalwart Lieutenant C.S-1939-1945
    3x Italian Conscript
    2x 51/60 Autoblinda AB41 (N.A.- EW)
    1x Breda Modello 30 LMG
    2x Brixia M35 45mm Mortar  (C. SKIES-E.F.)
    1x L6/40
    1x Carro Armato M13/40
    1x Veteran Carro Armato M13/40

    1x Carro Armato M13/40 V1

    1x Kubelwagen V (N.A. or E.W.)
    1x KFZ 2 Motorcycle (N.A.)
    4x Panzerfaust 30 (Base Set), 2x (39-45)
    4x MG 42 Machine-Gun Team (Base set)
    3x SS-Haupsturmfuhrer (B.S.)
    1x SS-Panzergranadier (B.S.)
    3x Panzergranadier
    1x Motorized Schutzen                
    1x Fallschirmjagger
    2x Wehrmacht Oberleutnant (EF), 2x (Set II)
    2x Mauser KAR 98K (Base Set)
    5x SGrW34 81 mm Mortar (DAY-D)
    1x SD KFZ 303 Goliath
    2x 7,5CM LEL G18
    3x Sandabagged Machine-Gun Team
    5x Light Mortar
    3x PAK 38
    3x PAK 40
    4x Disciplined Spotter

    1x Panzer II Ausf F (EF or EW)
    1x Stug III Ausf G
    1x SD KFZ 231 (EW)
    1x Strumpanzer IV “Brummbar” 39-45          
    1x SS-Jagpanther
    1x 7/1
    1x Panzer IV G (Early) EF
    1x Messermitch 110 D-Day
    1x Messermitch 110 N.A.
    1x Junker JU 87G Stuka 39-45
    1x Nashorn CO

    2x Panzer II (F) Flamingo V1
    3x Marder II V1
    2x Jagdpanzer 38 (T) HETZER V1
    3x SD KFZ 251 V1
    2x SD KFZ 250 V1
    1x SD KFZ 222 V1
    2x Panzer III Ausf F  V1
    4x Panzer IV Ausf G V1
    1x Jagdtiger       V1
    1x Nashorn         V1
    1x Tiger I           V1
    1x King Tiger       V1
    1x Veteran Tiger  V1

    5x Antitank Grenadier (Set II), 2x (E.F.)
    1x R35

    1x Finnish Officer

    2x Honor-Bound Hero
    3x Type 89 Mortar
    6x SNLF Paratrooper Set II
    2x Type 99 LMG
    3x Type 2 Ka-Mi Aphibious Tank
    3x Imperial Sergeant
    3x SNLF Captain (SetII)
    4x Imperial Sniper

    2x Type 95 Ha Go  (B.Set)  V1
    3x Type 97 Te-Ke Tankette (Set II) V1

    7 x ZIS-2 57mm Model 1943 (2x Set II, 1x 39-45)
    1x Commissar (39-45),4x Commissar (B.S.)
    2x Cossack Captain
    4x Mosin-Nagant 1891/30
    5x PPsh-41 SMG
    8x PTRD-41 Antitank rifle (Set II)
    2x Hero of the Soviet Union
    5x Fanatical Sniper (Set II)

    2x SU-76M                V1
    2x T-70 Model 1942 V1
    **1x Guards T-34/85 V1
    1x IS-2 Model 1944 V1
    1x KV-1                      V1  **

  • hi you still have this stuff for trade.

  • yes, i used this forum to A&A Boardgame, but i always playing AA Miniatures, specially the Land project. More or less the list is updated.

  • hey Bartok.

    i have some units for trade

    1x elite-stug-III Ausf.g counteroffensive 30/50 rare
    1x FCM 36 EW 7/50 rare
    1x type 4 Ho-Ro counteroffensive 42/50 rare
    2x Universal carrier counteroffensive 10/50 uncommon
    1x hotchkiss mg team eastern front 3/60 uncommon
    2x new zealand inf, counteroffensive 6/50 common

    all new out of box. incl, statcard

    one suggestion for trade is one to one deal,  vehicle vs vehicle and rarity value etc…
    and i am looking for som units in return

    1x is-2 mod 1944
    1x jagdtiger
    1x king tiger
    1x screaming eagle captain 2x paratroopers
    1x royal engineer
    1x fanatic sniper.


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