• Purchased a ding and dent box from Thought Hammer. Played three games with my 12 yr old. Each time i was Japan. The boy likes being good guys.

    Threw out the incorrectly colored cruisers. Added them back from AA revised, 1942, and Pacific 40.

    Also swapped out the fighters for P-38s. The fighters went to Pacific 40 to be tiny tac bombers.

    I like the VP conditions to win. Mostly. The issue i have is each of us can control three islands but one person is declared the winner. Seems like the game is over too quickly.

    Playing to the death removes the historical concern about losing capital ships near the islands.

    I’m thinking of a modified VP tally. One VP for every two airfields, round up.

    We could just increase the VP total but i like using the pretty VP display on the map.

    God that’s a good looking map. Great durable componenets. Very high quality game.

    This is definitely the best AA game. It plays in a night. It’s fun. It’s tense. It’s full of decision making. And opposing players aren’t waiting around.

    Great game.

  • Good (and short) review 🙂
    Right 2 the point.

  • I’m a concise gibbering fanboy

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