UK attack on SZ 95 1\. round

  • Anybody tried UK fleet attack in 1. round, from SZ 98 with DD, BB and AC + airplanes from Gilbratar, Malta taking out the IT fleet?

  • Pls that do u think? :roll:

  • Its Alfa +2 ofcause 🙂

  • Since usually germany sends some planes down to SItaly and your facing 1 ss 2 dd 1 ca and 3 figs defending at 4, its very unlikely since you r only attacking with at most, 1 dd, 2 cru, 1 tac, and 3 figs (maybe 5)  its very risky, and leaves u vulnerable elsewhere.

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    If you had to hit something, I’d hit sz97.  Those 2 TTs are pretty important targets.  More so than the extra DD and sb you’d get on the other side.

    I’ll get the odds in a bit on both battles.

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    sz97 is 50.3% success.  That’s with bringing in the CV.

    sz95 is 51% success.  Again, that’s with bringing in the CV and using it as a casualty.

    Both battles are assuming that the Germans brought down 2 fht to South Ital.

    If those planes are not there, then absolutley hit.

    I DO think the Italians need to be hit, but if those TTs can’t be destroyed, it may be for nothing.

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    As Gamerman01 pointed out, there is also a fht in Normandy that can make either battle as well.  If that fht is alive, then by all means, hit.

    Keep in mind Sealion, though.  If you lost the TT in sz106, and he bought 2 TTs, there could be a problem in the final London fight.

  • Honestly, the best way to use the Med fleet for the UK is to either…

    A.)  Send it down to India to help a Turn 3 Japan going for India crush.

    B.)  Send it to Gibraltar and land Fighters there to bait a Italian attack and go stop a Sealion.

    A good German player will always land 2 Fighters on Southern Italy.  A good Indian player will always safe guard the Oil Fields, to prevent a Major Power Italy from rising (at least in till Russia can take over).

  • yeah…we tried it.  I think that’s the first move everyone sees when they set up the board.  I’ve recently had to bring additional german aircraft to Tobruk or the UK players plasters that army and Italy has nothing in Africa.

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