• Has anyone been able to find additional chips for A & A? What I’d really like is som additional red chips and some chips of a third color, to represent 10 units…

    Thanks in advance…

  • Those I’d image are pretty standard chips. I’ve been playing with blue chips as 10 for oh geez, 15 years. I actually have like 6-7 colours. I have no idea where we got them from. I’m sure a hobby store might have some.


  • Are you always logged onto this server? You seem to be the first to respond to most everything posted here recently…

    I hit a couple of local hobby shops, but none had chips that were small enough to not get in the way. I found a couple of sites that deal in selling components for games to manufacturer/independent game publishers, but I haven’t received a response from them for a couple of days… I got the impression from both of their sites that they were in the business of selling thousands of pieces at a time, and wouldn’t want to deal with my request for about 100…

    Thanks for the reply…

    – Shiny

  • I’m in the middle of a PBEM game right now so after I post my moves I check for new posts and I usually just stay logged in until it kicks me out. Gotta love cable modems!


  • Yeah, cable modems are the best… Just upgraded from dialup after 2 years of hesitating… I knew that once I got one, that was $40 per month for the rest of my life, as I’d never go back to dialup…

    I do have to say though, it’s a well spent $40…

    I’ve been following your games with Cystic Crypt and Darth Maximus (until it ended anyway)… Very well played, on both counts… I certainly still have a lot to learn… And I’m interested by your opening in your current game with DM… I’m looking forward to seeing it played out.

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