Germans, I.C.s, AA-Guns Painted

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    That’s because he is a professional artist. He was born with his talent and has honed it to a high degree.

    Comparisons aren’t usefull,…your paint jobs are good on their own merit. Keep the faith and Enjoy this great game of Axis & Allies.

    “Tall Paul”

  • @Tall:

    Enjoy this great game of Axis & Allies.

    “Tall Paul”

    😄 😄 😄

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    Hey Tall Paul,
    Just curious about something regarding your excellent looking painted pieces. Now, the infantry will be easy enough to tell apart since they have the national emblem on their bases. I was wondering about some of the other pieces – artillery, tanks, planes and ships – particularly the warships. I know that some will be easily identified, like nobody would mistake a P-38 for a Spitfire or Me109. I’m sure even with a camoflauge scheme, it will still be easy enough to distinguish Panthers from T-34s, Shermans from Matildas, etc.
    What about when more than one country shares the same unit class? All the ANZAC and UK units are basically the same thing in different colors. All of the Allies use the same artillery piece and submarine. All three Axis use the same Mech Infantry piece (SdKfz 251). Also, if you are using OOB Italians, they have all German stuff except for the Infantry.
    USA, UK and ANZAC still share the same Destroyer class. It seems to me like those could become very hard to tell apart from one another once they are all out there on the board.
    While I’m sure you have a solution to this, I’m just curious as to what it is. This is one reason I decided NOT to paint any of my pieces and just go with the basic plastic color. Also, I have too many pieces and I’m too lazy to do it.

    One other thing, how many of your pieces are you planning to get painted? I assume you are going for all types of units for all the countries, but how many of each (infantry, artillery, tanks, etc.)
    In my gaming sets, for each country I have 120 infantry, 60 each of artillery, mechs, tanks, fighters, subs, transports and destroyers, and 30 each of tacs, bombers, cruisers, battleships and carriers. That’s for OOB pieces. The FMG set has slightly different numbers since they have 2 infantry sculpts and 2 armor sculpts, plus they also include commanders, trucks and transport planes. So you see, painting all of that would be one heck of an undertaking.
    I figure that you wouldn’t be getting that many pieces done because it would be hugely expensive, but how many are you planning to get done?

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    Different paint schemes and national insignias will distinguish any common units. For example, I’ve bought about a hundred of the HBG U.S. Marine Sherman Flame-Tanks. I’ll have them converted to normal Shermans and paint them for U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, U.K.-Europe, U.K.-Pacific, and Anzac. All of these countries will also have a “desert” scheme and EVERY scheme will be different.

    Units other than Infantry will be identified by a square flag(Naval) or round national ensign using either an I-49 decal or hand-painting. The Anzac ensignia is just one of the hand-painted jobs(See below).

    Some of the units I’m doing were “Custom” paint jobs, like the U.S. Marine Raiders, ParaMarines, and Marine "grunts.

    My plan is to have 2(two) distinct paint schemes for each nation. The “Special Forces” would add to that.

    I obviously plan on using all of the new HBG and FMG units as they become available. If you would simply look at the “links” above you’ll SEE several of these and totals, too. And look at “Allwork’s” Flickr site for some of the multiple schemes for every nation.

    “Tall Paul”


  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    You have black dudes in your ANZAC Corps!

    Nice touch…

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Can you post a pic of your Waffen SS Units?  Or Just plain Wehrmacht infantry?

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    I will be glad to show pics of all of my German units whenever they’re done. It seemed that the new FMG Germans were expected out soon so I decided to wait and use them.

    Currently in the works are 20-Major and 32-Minor Industrial Complexes along with 20-A/A Guns.

    I had Infantry units for Anzac, China, Russia(Summer Scheme), Japan(Mainland scheme), and U.K.-Pacific(Calcutta-based) painted utilizing the Out Of Box units.

    When HBG came out with their U.S. Marines I had a bunch of Marines painted, and also some Marine Raiders.

    When HBG came out with their U.S. Supplement set I had some 11th, 17th, 82nd, and 101st Airborne Troopers painted as well as some ParaMarine Raiders.

    When FMG came out with their Italian units I had the “Rifle Infantry”(only) painted in their “Desert Camo” scheme. The “Machine Gun” Infantry I’m planning on using for a “Special Forces” unit. I’ll also have some “European Green” Italians.

    When the rest of the HBG and FMG units come out I’ll have them painted up in additional paint schemes,…like “Winter Camo” for the Russians, a “South Seas Camo” for the Japanese, and a U.K. “European Camo” for the Brits,…not to mention at least 2(two) paint schemes for the U.S. Army, French and German Infantry.

    As I said above,…there will be at least 2(two) paint schemes for every Nation not including any “Special Forces” I’m planning, like U.S. Army Rangers, French Foreign Legion, German S.S., Etc.

    I almost forgot to mention all of the “Neutral Nations” like Norway, Etc. I think they’ll really add a bit of color and interest to our games.

    It will be really Cool when we get them all done,…That is if “Allwork” doesn’t go blind,…or I go broke before then,(Grin). Then we can start on EVERYTHING ELSE!

    I have pics of some the above if I haven’t already bored you with them. Here’s a pic of the FMG Italian Infantry in their “Desert Scheme”.

    "Tall Paul"Â


  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I suppose your next move, is to expand your board size, and make it a topographical map?  With lay downs for units in areas like the Rockies / Himilaya’s?

    I don’t see what else you could do! Other than pour yourself a concrete bunker in the backyard.

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    Well Gar,

    For once I am actually ahead of you,…on that score anyway.
    I had my gameboard enlarged 150%, in color, to 48" x 108", or 4’ by 9’ if you prefer. I had it done by a professional sign company in Shreveport, LA. Man, that was EXPENSIVE!
    I almost had it made 60" x 136", or 5’ by 11’ but my brother thought it might be too big to actually play on. I wish I’d gone ahead and made it bigger. But the gameboard is kept in his grass-strip airport’s crew room, always set-up, so I listened to his advice(Da**).

    Although I never want to pay for that again it’s what I wanted. The OOB gameboard was SO CLUTTERED UP when you had all of the units on the map it was almost confusing.
    Lord knows you were really in trouble if you ever dropped something on the map with all of the piles so close together. I like things nice and organized, that also LOOK GOOD(hopefully). My 87 year old Dad, a WW2 veteran plays A&A with us and I wanted things to be easily distiguishable for him. I might be using him as an excuse,…but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, haha.

    I’ve just recently found a new friend that has a woodworking shop so I can now finally make my “Combat Table”. I won’t bore you with the details unless you want to here them.

    “Tall Paul”

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I want to hear them, and please, post pictures as well!

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    Gar & Everyone else,

    I just happened to notice that Brandon Scott Castle, a.k.a.“McLovin” has changed his A&A.Org name to “SoJu” and/or “SoJu2012”.

    Can you ask whomever is in charge of this site if there is ANYTHING that they can do about this THE_F before he victimizes someone else, too. Thanks,

    “Tall Paul”

  • what was the outcome of this?
    was the pieces returned?

    since its christmas please tell me this had a happy outcome  🙂

    (just curious, I haven’t bought anything from mclovin)

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