• If Japan decides to attack US in J1 can the fighter and tac bomber on one of your carriers in sz 6, attack the navy in sz 26( pearl harbor) ?

    There is no Japanese island in range to land in, but if you bring your carrier, can they land on that after the battle?

    Also if Japan decides to take Hawaii in the same round:

    Can you split your navy so that some boats attack the navy, while some attack land(bombardment in amb assault)

  • The air units on the carriers in SZ 6 can attack SZ 26, afterward they would have one movement left so they could land in SZ 26 or any adjacent sea zones. The carriers would need to non combat move to the zones the fighters land in, or if the carriers participate in the sea combat in Hawaii you’d have to land them in SZ 26.

    You cannot shore bombard a coastal territory that is defended. The rules do not allow for splitting fire like that. Naval units are required to participate in the battle to clear the sea zone.

  • So it is impossible to capture hawai in J1?

  • It would be pretty tough. You only have one transport in range. So on the island you could get 1 Infantry, 1 Armor, vs 2 Infantry and 2 Air. If there is a invasion coming it’s doubtful that the fighters will scramble out to the sea zone, so that does make for some long odds.

  • Thank you for the answers. I just needed to be sure

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