East Russia Forces

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    I consolidate and pull them back with AA away from the coast and do not divide them.

    They become a real pain in the Axis for Japan.

  • I play them defensively.  I find that if they march into china, they can only capture Korea, the rest go to China.  And Japan usually has a few spare subs just hanging around that are perfect for placing in the convoy zones off Asia.  Now the allies don’t even get the money for Asia they thought they were.  Meanwhile Japanese armies march deeper into China.

    Also, supporting bmb purchases from moscow can’t even reach the front lines, better to withdraw and shorten your front, while getting closer to reserves.

  • If they hold up the gaps, they are defensive in a sense.  I like them to get back from the coast, consolidate and crawl back to Moscow or threaten Japanese gains in the north.  I don’t like a straight run back unless Germany skips sea lion for a pure barbarossa

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