• Say there’s only 2 british fighters at Gibraltar, nothing at z91 (Atlantique side of Gibraltar) and a British fleet including an Aircraft carrier in z92 (Med side of Gibraltar) without planes on it.

    Now Germany does amphibious attack on Gibraltar from z91. From my understanding (which are question actually) :

    A. One or two fighters can scramble at sea to fight units in z91 and prevent all shore bombardments from Cruisers or Battleships.
    B. Fighters cannot simply flee battle and land on UK’s Aircraft in z92.
    C. Next one I really don’t know : Is fighter can scramble 1 round and then flee battle (return to Gilbraltar? flee to Carrier z92?). I think I confuse AAG40 with another A&A game which scramble is just 1 round.

    Thank you.

  • My understanding is:

    A) Yes, they can scramble and will prevent all shore bombardment (the SZ is now defended).
    B) The fighters cannot flee, they are now the defenders in a battle and cannot retreat (only attackers can call off a battle).
    C) No.

    Kreig is pretty awesome at answering promptly, and can provide the official answer, but, I’m pretty sure this is correct.

  • Official Q&A

    It is.

  • Ok.
    Thank you for quick and clear answer (as you always do) and thanks Geist for helping.

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