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    F doesn’t mean “lacks logic,” it means they approach problems considering interpersonal emotions related to the problem. Quite often “F’s” have it right.

    Logic is not necessarily the basis for “having it right” under all circumstances anyway. Remember Spock and Kirk.

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    Logically, when a person complains about  ‘A’ you would think the problem is really ‘A’.  I’m logical, when I hear a complaint about ‘A’ I assume that is really the issue.  It usually is unless the person complaining about ‘A’ is a woman.  They you have to put the detective hat on  to determine what exactly you did wrong, and make no mistake about it, you have done something wrong!

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    I am lucky Malachi: Al is not your regular woman.
    She has never shown jealousy and has a good head on her. I cannot ever remember having any problem with her, that wasn’t of my making(and I have been a twat).
    Before her, wow, my girlfriends were nuts(exactly as you described logically).

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    feels wierd that he calls me irational 😛

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