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    Japan has ships in SZ 20. (which as a convoy marker in it) GB controls Hong Kong. Japan controls Kangsi. Is this considered a convoy disruption for GB at the end of her turn?  Or is it considered a Japan convoy route?

  • Yea it does count as a convoy against UK Pacific but you would have to be at war with the UK and not have taken Kwangtung, which doesn’t often happen.

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    Is this considered a convoy disruption for GB at the end of her turn?  Or is it considered a Japan convoy route?

    Both.  Japanese ships in the sea zone can disrupt UK Pacific’s income from Hong Kong, and Allied ships there (if there are any) can disrupt Japan’s income from Kiangsi.  Of course, as Sgt. Wonko pointed out, the powers involved must be at war with each other.

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    Another convoy question. Germany kills UK fleet in harbour with a convoy box (map not handy for SZ#) then during UK place units phase they drop a small fleet into the same zone. Now, during collect income does the German navy disrupt?

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  • What about the convoy marker in sea zone 99?  Can the Axis disrupt British shipping or French shipping or both?

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    Both, assuming that there is any to disrupt.

  • A few questions for further clarification (assuming all countries are “at war”):

    1. SZ85 (Brazil - assuming they are still neutral) - If an axis sub moved into this convoy marker, which allied power’s income is affected (if any)?

    2. SZ105 & 93 (France) - Assuming Germany has taken over mainland France, and they move subs into either of these convoy markers, is France’s income still affected?  What if France is knocked out of the game - would these convoy markers become “german” and are now subject to allied raids?

    3. SZ99 (Greece) - Assuming Germany has taken over Greece; if allied subs raided this convoy zone, is Germany’s income affected?

    4. SZ41 (Sumatra) - Assuming Japan has taken over Sumatr; if allied subs raid this convoy zone, is Japan’s income affected; or is UK Pacific still affected; or both?

    Basically, there has been some debate in our game on how convoy markers are played once the land territiry has been taken over by an opposing power.

    Sorry of this was covered already…


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    Only the income of the power(s) that currently controls the adjacent territory or territories is affected.

  • Is China affected by convoy zones?

    The way convoy zones work is during a powers collect income phase, say for instance UK Pacific, any enemy occupied convoy zones are deducted from your ipc total.  So if Germ takes Greece, and there are UK ships in the Aegean, then Germ would lose up to 2 ipcs in their collect income phase.

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    Is China affected by convoy zones?


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