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    You know, I never knew why that combat order was inserted into the game.  The only real order that has an effect is that naval combat in a zone that an amphibious assault is being conducted must occur before the amphibious assault.  For all others, if you declare a battle, you have to engage in at least one round of said battle.  I never really cared if you did an attack on SZ 111 then Normandy or if you attacked Normandy then SZ 111, then conducted a strategic bombing run.

    Perhaps if they adjusted the rules, given the scramble orders, that first you declare strategic bombing runs, then the defender declares scrambles, then conduct SBR, then declare combat moves, wait for defender scrambles, then conducted combat - thereby seperating the two modes of attack into different phases it would have significantly more impact on the game!

    For instance, Germany could throw a tactical bomber to SBR the naval base in England.  England seeing the attack, scrambles 2 fighters to destroy the tactical bomber (maybe they lose one in return, there is a 50% chance of that on round 1).  Now it is combat move phase, since the two fighters in England were used against the tactical bomber, they cannot then be scrambled to SZ 110 or SZ 109, thus Germany can focus more firepower in those two locations.

    Or whatever, it’s just a demonstration, maybe not something that would ever, actually, happen if the turn order was amended.  It just seems that the game is getting complex enough, and the board large enough, that SBR and CMBT should be seperated, but still occur in the same turn (hence why the fighters cannot defend for both locations.)

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    Sounds like you are entertaining a “bluff” phase for SBR.  Meh.  Complication for little gain.


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    More just trying to give more freedom to the players really.  I just don’t want to HAVE to do this battle on one side of the globe because it is one one type before I can do THAT battle on the other side of the globe.

    This would effectively remove this while still forcing SBR to go before actual combat.  I think.

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