Alien Invasion, Axis and Allies Style

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Imagine a simple house ruleset that would cover an alien invasion mid WWII- Axis and Allies style?

    Add another player to the game, some kind of Alien race, with better tanks, soldiers and equipment, but like Fortress America. With only a limited amount of troops and resources.

    Make independant victory conditions for Russia, Axis, Allies, Aliens.

    The game becomes as diplomatic, as it becomes strategic and logistic.

    Would be hella fun :P.

  • '10

    Is this serious    :?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    LOL Knew someone would fall for the trap :D

  • @FieldMarshalGames:

    Is this serious    :?

    There’s a set of World War II alternate history books by a sci-fi writer named Turtledove that deal with an invading alien fleet arriving at the beginning of WW2 (they thought we’d hadn’t evolved past stone age technology) and all of Earth’s nations unite to fight them back.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    That is a really good series, I have read them all. :P

    Come on, wouldn’t this be cool to play out?

  • I think this would be cool if no one knew about it before hand.  The game is going on as it normally does, then turn 5 or so the person hosting the game is like BAM!! ALIEN INVASION! What ya gonna do?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10


    I doubt many players would go for that.

    But I wonder… if you approached it with a well written ruleset, and cool pieces?

  • Hahaha, yea. But the invasion could start somewhere where it’s essentially one nations problem at the time. ( Like Nigeria or Queensland)  Then other powers could be like, dang, I’m going to help with that while another power might want to continue their own invasions.

    That might not work though, might have to make it the main focus until it’s gone.

  • Turtledove’s World War could be a very good mod for G40, but it has the problem that one of the main alien landing groups starts at Poland (and holds the whole war as alien). That would totally mess any type of A&A mechanics, unless that you go ‘ahistorical’, give a token force for the Race at Poland and the focus at alien strongholds at southern hemisphere.

    The alien invasion of US would be challenging for a modder, because you would have to mod USA’s territories. A mod best suit for AABattlemap or TripleA, but not for real board

    Any case, it would need a VPs system to allow individual victories. And plenty of nukes. Also, different units and costs for Race and humans, with Race being uber-units but costly, and humans being crappy units but horribly cheap

    For alien invasions in WWII, not only Turtledove, but also Hearts of Iron series and mods include some alien cheats or scenarios

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