Infantry in WAW

  • Infantry can be placed on territories without industrial complex. I really hate this rule, britain can build only infantry every turn and place them on every territory in both asia and africa. Theres no way Germany can take Africa like that, and the battles get boring because blitzing is impossible as there is at least 1 infantry on all territories in danger of being captured. This rule really is one of the reasons i barely play this game :sad:

  • You right.
    But if UK place infantry all over the map, then they dont get any fleet or planes.
    As Germany, i would be happy of that.

  • Placing infantry in territories with out IC makes sense. Any country with a population can/could raise an army. But in saying that,
    i see where it effects game play. It Dictates what each country will buy, mainly infantry. Except maybe the U.S.
    As for Germany taking Africa, ive done many times, its not easy, but it can certainly be done. You need a bomber in Etheopia after the frist wave of the frist impulse. Then attack south Africa with 2 infantry and the bomber. You may loose the bomber, but who cares if you have S.A. Using Fighters in AFrica is a good idea for defense. Certainly in Ethepoia,if the bomber survives.

  • If Blitzing tanks in the Xeno game bothers you, try this option. Have the tanks make there second move after combat.Like, once the battle is over, the tanks roll into unoccuiped enemy territorys taking control.
    Similar to the Blitzes the Germans did in the actual War. Smashing through the french front lines and driving onward, deep into the country incircling pockets of resistance.

  • Its a two way thing. Neither Britain or Germany needs to worry about transports to reinforce Africa. Plus, without Us for 5 turns, Britain needs an advantage.

  • but whatt about the uniforms the guns and the ammunittion, they dont suddenly apear.

  • Please… Lets not get into Campaign for North Africa here. 😮

  • so your not in details

  • @TG:

    Please… Lets not get into Campaign for North Africa here. 😮

    I’ve never played that game. Is it worth the money?

  • from what iv heard it takes a life time to finnish

  • As long as it’s fun….

  • theres a log YUCK

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