• The game does not stop to suprise me. Recently I played a game when I had a German IC in Australia on G4. You ask how is that possible. The answer is simple: the Brits have built it there for me.

    I took AE G1 in a standard way, the UK did not counter heavy, leaving there only one inf at the end of UK1. He kept four man on India built a bmb and an IC in Aus and started to go pacific with US.

    On G2 I took AE with inf and art from Libya and TJ with inf, tnk of Italy. The Suez was mine and the UK bmbs could not hit my fleet since they were denied a landing spot. On G3 I suprised the brits by taking India with the G med fleet. India had russian tank on it after japanese and UK forces decimated each other there. The russian tnk did not hit which was essential.

    On G4 the sweet suprise came – my German bb, trn tnk and inf getting to the banks of Australia with an IC guarded only by 3 inf. I knew that he was going to build there on UK 3 which i did not want to allow.

    Still it is not the battle you should win according to battle calc, but i knew that if the bb hits that would make all the difference, since tnk and inf against 2 infs slightly favours you. The bb did hit and so did the tnk twice, while he did not get a single hit on his 4 rolls at 2. Sometimes dice can be kind and aid the advanturer.

    Daring, you might say, but the view of grey Australia ready to produce German subs or planes was priceless. It should be noted that I could do it without taking too high a risk knowing that my japanese fleet of dd, 2AC, 2bb, 3subs, 4figs and a bmb was about to sink everything the US had on the water including 4 figs on board at the SZ of Wake. Which I did and the game was over.

  • Very Nice, props to u buddy

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