• I’m just gonna throw this one out there.

    If the UK kicks italy out of north africa early on, how logical would it be for italy to invade turkey I3 or I4? what about if They are doing well in africa? it would be an easy way for germany and italy to sneak behind russian defenses because not only does it offer a bridge between the balkan area and caucasus without having to go through russian territory, it also opens up the black sea. The obvious downside is that the U.S. or UK will probably invade spain, getting the 6 infantry and an undefended foothold in europe, not to mention a ton of other IPC and infantry boosts from other pure neutrals.

    Post your thoughts

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Only do it if you are doing well, otherwise… this is in the bad ideas column.

    And if you are going to do it, make sure you hit everything else too.  Spain, Portugal, Sweden.

  • The problem with taking a true neutral as the Axis is that you open up Spain as a landing point for American forces. This means that continental battles with the US are only transport turn away.

    Secondly, USSR now has a stronger incentive to mess with Japanese affairs, because while the declaration of war gives Japan 12 IPC (alpha 2+), it also allows them to swing down into Mongolia and pick up the troops there.

    Thirdly, if Scandanvia is at all threatened, Sweden becomes an attractive point of attack for the allies – pick up a few extra guys and deny a German NO.

    Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the Allies can pick up a small army in South America. It’s kind of removed from the fight, but send some transports down there with tanks, and you can fill up on infantry before heading to Africa.

  • I forgot about the german NO for Sweden… Turkey is arguably the most important pure neutral, both from a geographic standpoint and the one with the largest army. The axis needs would probably need a good navy to make it work.

  • The turning of the rest of the true neutrals is just too steep a price.  Assuming an attack on Turkey - now the allies have the option to drop in on Spain and Sweeden with 6 bonus inf each.  Add in 6 inf in the middle east, 4 in Africa and 8 in S.America…  30 free infantry - ouch.  With the exception of the ones in S. America they’re all in pretty good places too.  Toss in the loss of the German NO and this is a dicey proposition at best.

  • I’ve tried this and it was a disaster.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    L O L

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