How does PBEM with A&A:E work?

  • I really love A&A:E, but my problem is that I don’t have so many “IRL-friends” to play the game with. Therefore, I’m interested to learn more about how PBEM work. Is it hard to learn? Boring to play? Do you have to pay a monthly fee to some organisation to be able to play (so you can use their “dice machine”)? Or are there other organisations that are free?

    Thanks in advance!

    /D - “I really want to play more A&A:E but don’t know how…”

  • Try going to this site You can join there and play unregistered or registered games games with other members, which I am one. Although I have yet to play a registered game. Did play A&AE via PBEM with a guy from here using aaeuropemc’s dicey server, but work crap and layoffs prevented me from finnishing.

    This goes for BigBlocky too. If you’re interested in A&AP online games, that is. 😄

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